This Employee Time Tracking Software Keeps Remote Workers Productive

Do you want your business to increase the productivity of your remote workers? In present times, a remote working policy has gained popularity in recent years with startups to agencies or just freelancers. Other businesses like construction crews, landscapers, cleaning crews, and home health aides are constantly on-the-go and working at remote locations.

Yet, if you want to have a thriving business, your remote working employees must have a productive mindset. A good business leader will know that keeping their employees productive consistently is crucial to the bottom line. The workers who are unmotivated and disengaged will not put in their best effort, especially if you aren’t there in person to see them work, or not work while on the job. So, how can you track work hours and their productivity?

You need a great time tracking software solution like Boomr that not only keeps track of employee locations with GPS and their timesheets, but also for ensuring your employees are being productive with the jobs they are tasked to do and being paid for.

There are numerous employee clock-in clock-out apps on the market; unfortunately, not all will help you increase the productivity of your remote workers. The best software for employee time tracking is Boomr; it is a wonderful workforce management software system for both small and large businesses – no matter what type or size. Aside from the time tracking software, they offer free mobile time tracking apps available on iPhone & Android that are equipped with GPS to track employees locations, their projects, timesheets, and more in real-time in the cloud.

They have hundreds of reviews online from businesses everywhere. Boomr’s time tracking software and mobile time tracker apps often save thousands of dollars per month to businesses just on payroll costs.

From timesheet reminders, to overtime alerts, GPS time tracking technology, and automated timesheets, Boomr helps businesses be much more efficient and effective with operations and payroll, while often saving them a ton of “time theft” by employees do to buddy punching or just not working but claiming they did on payroll timesheets.

The bottom line is that with the help of Boomr’s time tracking software and mobile time tracking apps, you can now easily and more accurately track the productivity of your remote working employees like never before. If you need a boost in productivity, you can try out their employee time tracking software free for 30-days risk-free with no obligation or credit card needed, the online timesheets and mobile time tracking apps come with it too and they also integrate with the best payroll and accounting services providers too.