Why Your Retail Store Needs an All-in-One POS System like VEND


Time and time again, one of the most critically important investments for every retailer is having an effective POS (Point Of Sale) system. It’s what allows your business to be more efficient in processing sales, accept a variety of payments, managing & monitoring your product inventory, managing your cash flows, along managing and growing your customer relationships to drive more repeat business.

Vend is award-winning retail management and point of sale system. Although their headquarters is in New Zealand, they have offices around the world and are consistently regarded as one of America’s leading retail POS software systems that helps retailers of all types and sizes with inventory management, e-commerce, customer loyalty programs, reporting analytics, and more, so they can easily manage & grow their businesses, whether it’s one store or one hundred.


Simply put, having a good POS system like Vend helps retail businesses be much more cost-effective. On average, a good POS system can help retailers cut costs by nearly 10% (or much more). Good POS systems can also help retail businesses of all types and sizes manage all of their operations – in the cloud.

However, choosing the right point of sale system for your business becomes a vital decision to your success, and having the right POS system will help you:

  • Improve your operational efficiencies
  • Save time on tedious tasks
  • Improve your customers’ experience
  • Reduce human and admin errors
  • Use data analytics to make smarter business decisions
  • Manage one store or many in the cloud
  • Reduce staff turnover and customer churn
  • Increase your retail sales and profits

Not all POS solutions are created equal though, so you’ll want to make sure you have a POS system that fits your type of business needs, but is flexible enough to be customized to better meet other challenges you may have and scale with you too. The one pos system you should deeply consider is Vend.

So, what can Vend’s all-in-one POS system do for you?

You can run their POS system on your computer or laptop, either on your browser, a desktop app, or an on-premise system at your store. You can use and connect their pos hardware equipment or use your own hardware such as barcode scanners, credit card readers, receipt makers, and cash drawers too.

It’s also a mobile POS system, also known as ‘mPOS,’ which is when a smartphone (like an iPhone), tablet (like an iPad), or other mobile device acts as the electronic point of sales terminal, but not tying you down to a checkout counter. All you need to do is attach a credit card reader to the mobile device, turn on your POS software and start ringing up sales.

This portable POS system allows you to generate sales wherever you are in the store or somewhere else. If you are interested in getting a POS system, check out this website.

These types of mobile POS systems are very popular in small retail stores, pop-up shops, and quick-service spots.



What to consider when choosing an all-in-one POS system

Although there are many retail point of sale solutions that offer pos systems for both desktop and mobile sales. An all-in-one pos system like Vend does much more than most off-the-shelf, older and/or cheaper pos systems that use outdated software and are limited in features.

For instance, a Vend’s modern POS system has the following features:

Inventory Management: This POS solution can automatically update your inventory and stock levels in real-time, so you know how many products you have at any given time.

Retail Analytics: Easily generate reports on your sales, inventory, customers, and more. Rich data in real-time at your fingertips will help you make better business decisions.

Customer Loyalty Programs: Build better relationships with your customers. Easily email birthday greetings, keep track of customer loyalty points and send out promotional offers to build loyalty, retention and keep them coming back for more with incentives and discounts.


Customer Management: Customers can receive their payment receipts via email, which leads to a paperless way of transacting with them. Keep track of your best customers easily in the cloud.

E-commerce Solutions: Easily sell more of your products in your sleep online and not limit yourself just to your brick and mortar store. All your inventory can be managed in the cloud too and synced to all your stores.

Manage Multiple Stores: If you have multiple stores or plan to expand, then you need a pos system like Vend that can help you scale successfully and easily manage all of your store’s inventory, data, customers, and more in the cloud.

No matter what type of size retailer you are, Vend’s retail management software and the pos system can help you retail like a champion. If you are considering changing your pos system out or getting your first one, then you should check out Vend today and even try their POS software system out free for 30-days too.