This guy definitely didn’t expect to see this thing when he opened his car!


Sure there are things you expect to see in your car when you open the doors, and there are definitely those you don’t. Take a look at the present that this brave man tried to let out of his. He definitely didn’t expect this behind the wheel of his car, but hey these are the weird things that happen when you left your doors open with food in the front seats. Check out the video below!

Yes, this is the viral video that has been circling the web past few days, and it shows your worst nightmare coming true. Although there isn’t a lot of info to where this has happened, much of the opinions on the web is that this is coming from somewhere in the UK. As you could see in the video this shirtless guy is trying to approach his vehicle and open the doors so these wild animals can go about their way. The first attempt was unsuccessful, since his natural instincts kicked in and he fled, but in the second attempt to save his precious vehicle (and probably aid those animals) he, with a lot of hesitation and fear (don’t tell us you wouldn’t be afraid too), managed to pull the door handle and open the doors of the car. The first thing you see is a whole bunch of food wrappings and bags falling out, and seconds after, two bear cubs went flying out just to lose themselves behind the security camera.

The Imgur video you saw here has over 200.000 views, and what’s more important is that it isn’t making fun of the situation this poor man (and animals) got themselves into, but it is celebrating this guy’s bravery. Here are just some of the comments that we found most interesting – “This guy is ballsy as f***. I would have tied a rope to the door handle;” “That guy did his best to handle a grizzly situation.” But this isn’t the only video online that has bears as the protagonists of misfortunate situation. You probably remember that video where a biker, descending down a forest path when he ran straight into a charging bear. Now that is a situation where your heart just may easily give up! Stay safe everyone!