Should Dallas Cowboys Pursue Martavis Bryant?


There’s no arguing that Dallas Cowboys have enough talent in their receiving corp. Dez Bryant is one of the leagues top WR’s, their #2 Terrance Williams has the needed quality, while Cole Beasley and Brice Butler are role players with enough pedigree for Cowboys. Also, let’s not forget legendary Jason Witten. With all of them in the mix, it seems that Cowboys have potent enough receiving pack.

The problem with these players is that all of them have been inconsistent. Dez was targeted 48 times this season, but he only caught 21 passes. Williams and Butler had some costly drops, few of those resulting in turnovers. Beasley is generally limited due to his size, but that is something that Cowboys know, and yet they failed to make him efficient as he was last year.

So, with all of this listed, we concluded that what Cowboys need is a genuine deep threat. The type of player that will pose a danger to the opponents deep defenders, and one that will torment opposing coaches. A man that demands defensive coordinators to have a game plan only for him. The player that fits the description, and is available at the moment is Martavis Bryant.


According to Ian Rapoport Bryant asked Steelers for a trade on a Sunday night. But, this guy brings specific risks with him, and we are not sure if Cowboys are willing to take those.

The rest of the Maratavis Bryant’s career will either be a boom or a bust. He’s just that type of a player. His NFL career started brightly with 21.1 yards per catch in his rookie season. During that year he had 26 receptions, 549 yards, and eight touchdowns. Impressive! The second year was nothing short of the previous. Martavis had 50 receptions, 765 yards, and six TDs. This was enough for him to be taunted as the next big thing in the league. The feat was even more impressive if you know that he played besides Antonio Brown.

So, where’s the problem? Well, during his short NFL career he has been found guilty six times on charges of substance abuse. He even had a year-long ban because of leagues substance abuse policy. He went to rehab and became a high school coach in the process. He’s clean and on the right path, but he’s also one wrong move from a permanent ban. A gamble is on Cowboys and any other interested team.


This year he has 17 catches, 231 yards, and two touchdowns. But, thanks to the rookie Juju Smith-Schuster he is limited in a number of snaps that he plays. This is where Dallas comes into play. They need another deep threat to play with Dez Bryant. Martavis is still on his rookie contract which would make him come in cheap, and at the end of the season, Cowboys will be loaded with compensatory picks. This is coming their way thanks to the number of free agents they have lost in the offseason. And also, they would have enough aces up their sleeve to trade with Steelers.

So, there are reasons for and against Martavis Bryant. The only question is, whether are Cowboys ready to take a risk. What do you think, should Cowboys pursue Martavis Bryant?