THREAT TO AMERICA IS NEITHER RUSSIA NOR NORTH KOREA: Here’s who’s America’s biggest enemy!

If it wasn’t obvious by now, it sure is now. America, your biggest enemy, is yourself and the greatest threat to your general public is coming from the barrel of a gun. If this is not enough for you, then take this into consideration. The ten deadliest acts of violence in the past ten years have only one thing in common – all of them were mass shootings. Yes, you read right not hit and runs, not bombings, not chemical or biological attacks but MASS SHOOTINGS!

What is even worse fact then this one, is that this problem is getting worse from year to year and after some trend examinations you get the info that mass shootings that ended up in six or more victims make this 2017 year the deadliest one so far. Now that is truly a concerning, and those who can do something about it do not seem to care. The only thing you get from them is judgment, and the latest one (regarding the LV shooting) came from president Donald Trump who stated that it is “an act of pure evil,” but many also add that it was senseless, but what is most important – avoidable. If you wonder how can this be avoided in the future, well, here are some basic first steps.

First thing’s first, everyone should acknowledge that firearms can pose a serious risk to national security. Yes, we have a label “weapons of mass destruction” for biological agents like the anthrax and improvised explosive devices, but how long will it take to acknowledge that the military-style rifles are the ones that took more lives than these weapons of mass destruction in Aurora, Newtown, Orlando and now Las Vegas?! Second thing is to study the history that happened in the U.S. not so long ago, and address these mass shootings just like you address all the other great dangers that posed a threat to people’s lives – increase regulations.

The stiffer regulation can help with firearms just like it did with bombings and plane abductions. If you do not believe just answer this – After the Oklahoma City bombing that, unfortunately, killed 168 people, how many similar events have there been on American soil that had mass casualty levels? Or even better, here is another one, how many planes have been hijacked from American or other airports and turned into live missiles after the 9/11? If you do not know, or can’t find the statistics, we have the answer. It is zero!

Do we actually need to explain how is that so? Is it not so obvious that after these tragic events happened and after the government imposed the tight regulations on explosive precursor materials and on civilian air transport, the whole situation got a million times safer and better. If the legal restrictions in these two cases worked that well and kept you and us safe from mad bombers and air pirates, we ask you – why wouldn’t they keep everyone safe from being cut down by a rain of bullets fired in a mass shooting?