Three Players That Deserve To Start In All-Star Game For East

The NBA All-Star voting has already started. We already know a couple of guys that will for sure participate in an All-Star game as they are way too popular for fans not to vote them in as starters. LeBron James is leading the way, and he does deserve it.

Wade will probably start in the East as well as he is still one of the biggest superstars, but he really shouldn’t. Here are the guys that deserve a spot, but they will in all likelihood have to wait for coaches to vote them in.

ISAIAH THOMAS, Boston Celtics – His only true rival is Kyrie Irving, a guy that also deserves a starting spot and we wouldn’t be mad if he got it over Thomas, but C’s guard has earned his place too. Right now, this man is averaging just under 27 points per match, while assisting 6 times per game and leading the Celtics to a third place in the East. Thomas has had a beast year no doubt.

Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls – Butler is one of the best two-way players in the NBA. Bulls will be nowhere near the Playoff picture without Jimmy. Wade is great, but right now, he is not on a level of Jimmy Butler who is having a career season so far. Bulls SG/SF should definitely be a prime choice for a starting Small Forward spot.

DEMAR DEROZAN, Toronto Raptors – Butler has been playing at the three spot a lot, so his chances are much greater than DeRozan’s who is a guard. DeRozan has had an amazing season as he is one of the best players in the East, but he will likely fall behind Wade and Irving, just like Isaiah will. He just passed Bosh as the All-Time leading scorer for the Raptors. 27,5 PPG likely won’t be enough for fans to vote for him over those two that we already mentioned.