Three Players That Will Get Traded Before NBA Trade Deadline

There are always some players that you just know will be dealt before the season is over. Sometimes there is a young guy that can only get some court time if a veteran is getting moved. And then again we have situations when teams have a superstar on their squad, but they are not making the playoffs. Let’s see which players will get traded before the deadline.

3. KENNETH FARIED, Denver Nuggets – Days are numbered for Faried in Denver. They have a lot of youngsters playing in the frontcourt and Manimal just looks like a finished product at this point. Maximum has been reached in his case and probably won’t get better. Some teams can use this athletic power forward, while the Nuggets are better without him as they can give more playing time to Nikola Jokić and Jusuf Nurkić.

2. NERLENS NOEL, Philadelphia 76sixers – Philly has a lot of young centers, and it’s pretty obvious that one of them will get traded. They had waited to see how will Embiid play when he comes back, and they should be satisfied. Nerlens Noel is the odd man out so he is most likely the one that will be moved. Celtics were interested back on draft night, and they will be in the mix again.

1. DEMARCUS COUSINS, Sacramento Kings – Things are just not working out for him and the Kings. They will move Cousins before the season is over. Kings will have another poor start that will cause them to think about trading their star player. He has two years left on his deal, and this is the best time to pull the trigger and send him away. They can get a lot in return as we expect to see many teams that will be interested.