Timber Doors: Traits and Characteristics


When we buy a new home, and when we renovate the place that we already own, we want to have the best things in there. Safety is one of the biggest concerns, especially when it comes to doors and windows.

Doing remodeling means investing in things once with the hope that we won’t have to replace those same things in the next few years.

If you are doing a remodeling, or if you just bought a new home, then you are probably thinking about the first thing you see before walking in. That’s the door, of course!

Having a good door is important for many different reasons like safety and aesthetics. Here we are going to talk about timber doors and if that type of doors is the right way to go.



Did you know that timber is one of the strongest materials available on the market? It is designed to meet the demands of modern living. These doors are manufactured from the highest quality hardwoods and with that, they offer high levels of security and performance. If you’re considering getting a timber door for your home or trying to learn more about timber doors in general, check out this article.

Due to their natural insulating qualities, timber doors can help reduce energy costs. They will also enhance the appearance of your property and they will most likely add value to your home.

Studies show that homes that have tinder doors sell for more money than those who have regular doors.

The timber doors are resistant to warping and more secure because they are 10% thicker than traditional doors.

Timber wood traits


To manufacture quality doors, the wood they come from has to be top-notch as well. Good timber wood has the following characteristics:

  • Hardness – a good timber is hard enough to resist deterioration.
  • Strength – to resist heavy structural loads.
  • Toughness – timbers, having natural annual rings, are one of the strongest woods. They have enough toughness to resist shock due to vibrations, they resist splitting and do not break when they are being bent.
  • Elasticity – tinder wood has a proper elasticity that allows it to regain its original shape after the removal of loads.
  • Durability – it not only lasts for a long time, but this type of wood is also able to resist attacks of worms and fungi.

Other traits that a good timber wood has include defects resistance, good fibers and structure, good appearance and color, heavyweight and shape that will retain during the process of seasoning and can be easily workable.

When a door is made from a good quality timber wood, all of the traits and characteristics are shown in the door as much as they were in the wood. Because of the traits the wood has, that makes timber doors durable and a smart investment.


The first great thing about timber doors is that they can be sawed and cut to fit any frame. So, it does not matter what shape or size your door frame is, you can have a timber door installed.

These doors can be used in typical hinged doors or in sliding door frames. They are also really easy to paint with. IF you use varnish to stain the timber, it will look distinguished and sleek.

Another really practical thing is that damaged wood can easily be repaired, even if it sustained structural damage. There won’t be a need to replace them entirely, unlike broken aluminum doors.


Did you know that timber absorbs and loses heat slowly? This means that these doors will keep your space warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Since this type of wood is a good temperature insulator, it also means that it will cut the costs of your internal cooling and heating system’s energy use.

On the other hand, aluminum doors lose heat and they let it in a lot quicker and that can stain your aid conditioning units.

Aside from temperature insulation, timber is also effective as an insulator against noise. If your home, office or business is near a roadside, next to a school or in a neighborhood that tends to become pretty loud, having a timber door can reduce the noise that comes from outside.


Timber doors are made of species of wood that resists moisture, fire and termites. You could also have the wood treated with chemicals against these threats and with that, the doors’ lifespan will be lengthened.

Even without those treatments, a timber door will most likely last for about 40 years if you properly maintain it. Some suppliers such as Dempsey Dyer Ltd, use a paint system that protects the wood from water ingress and even harmful ultra-violet rays.

The fact that timber is an insulator it means it’s more effective against fire. A surprising fact is that a solid wood door can withstand fire for up to 20 minutes. This offers a time window for anyone in the house or the building to leave and for the fireman to arrive. If you have timber doors in your whole home and there is a fire, chances are the fire can be contained to one room.



The timber wood will never go out of fashion. One proof of that it has been used for centuries and now, it continues to be used as door material for traditional homes as well as modern ones.

The patterns and shades of brown are unique and add flair and warmth to any home. The smooth finish allows the unmatched natural beauty of wood to be showcased.

For people who live near a forest or properties that have hedges and trees, a wooden door can make the whole house look like it’s at home with nature.

You should be aware that solid timber doors are not used only as an exterior. If you have an office or a large bedroom, you can use solid varnished timber and give the whole space an air of solemnity and respect.

Having a wooden door will also complement the wooden furniture you have anywhere in your home.

What kind of door are you using at the moment? Have you ever used a timber door before?

No matter what kind of house or apartment you own, if you choose a wooden door made of the highest quality wood, you will be able to sleep without any worries, knowing that your investment was smart and that you and your family are safe and secure.