7 Things Top 100 Amazon Sellers & Brands Do Boost Their Sales


Amazon marketplace is an exceptionally high place to start your e-commerce business. However, the competition in this global marketplace is quite intense, making it challenging for sellers to generate the desired sales. Sellers need to continually invest in market research and modify their existing strategies to stay ahead of the competition and increase their sales opportunities. In this article, we are highlighting some of the useful tips that will help you in boosting your Amazon sales.

Leverage Pro Merchant


You can save money with Pro Merchant subscription, and you get to use an additional tool to make your selling process more comfortable and efficient. For every transaction, sellers are charged USD 0.99, but with the Pro Merchant account, you don’t have to bear this fee. You pay USD 39.99 per month fee and can list as many products as you wish on the platform.

If you have 100 transactions per month, you would have to pay USD 0.40 per sale, but if your purchase is 1000 per month, this fee would further reduce USD 0.04 per transaction. Additionally, you get to enjoy additional benefits with Pro, such as improved reporting, better selling options, bulk upload, etc.

Work on Your SEO


Sellers must understand how SEO on Amazon works, which is simpler than Google’s. Once how the algorithm work, then perform keyword research. There are ranking factors that determine which products to show when buyers search for something. Some of the prominent SEO factors include title, subtitle, pictures, description Q&A, etc.

Look for the keywords that the target audience is using to find your products. You get 500 characters in your title, and you have to make it clear and informative while using the right keywords. When it comes to optimizing your product for Amazon SEO, keyword research will play an important role.

Harness PPC Campaign

Over 75% of Amazon sales occur on the first page, so to boost your sales, you have to appear on the first page. You must harness the potentials of the PPC campaign can help you increase your brand awareness, in turn, boost sales. Sponsored PPC campaigns help your product appear on the top of the search results, thereby generating greater visibility.

Manually handling all the aspects of the PPC campaign can get complicated, and this is where the PPC management tool comes in handy. Sellermotor is among the smartest Amazon PPC software that entirely takes care of your PPC campaign. It automates the entire campaign management based on your objectives and budget; therefore, you get the optimum results.

Get Ratings and Reviews

Reviews have become a deciding factor for customers when shopping online. Considering that shoppers have no other way to authenticate the quality of the product, they rely on ratings and feedback from other customers. Customer review on Amazon is among the key aspects that attracted customers towards it in the initial days. Over 90% of customers look at the reviews before making a buying decision.

Therefore, it is crucial for sellers, especially new sellers, to gather as many reviews and ratings as possible. However, don’t take any shortcuts because Amazon’s algorithm has become smarter over the years. It can identify fake reviews, and you might have to face severe implications for that.

Price Your Product Right

With millions of sellers competing to make a stand, competition on Amazon is getting fiercer with every passing day. The way you price your product can prove to be a huge differentiator and set you apart from your competitors. Considering your goal is to generate as much profit as possible, you should price your products competitively, but that doesn’t have to affect your profitability.

Leverage price competition to determine which of your products needs more investment in advertising. Sell products that have an adequate margin to provide a decent rate of return while being priced competitively. Make sure you factor in your cost, such as order fulfillment, inventory, overhead expenses, etc. while pricing the product.

Choose Fulfillment By Amazon


When you have Fulfillment by Amazon, you have better probabilities of increasing your sales. A majority of top sellers on Amazon use FBA to make their operations more efficient. In this, you send the inventory directly to the Amazon, and it takes care of everything from here. When you get an order, Amazon completes the order, packs, and ships it to the concerned customer.

You have to pay a small fee for storage and shipment fees. Moreover, FBA also fulfills orders of products that you sell through other channels. When you don’t have to take care of all the arduous tasks associated with fulfilling a request, you save time and money. These can be invested in building better strategies to make your business more profitable.

Understand and Follow the Guidelines

Before you even start selling on Amazon, please go through all the rules and regulations it has for sellers. Also, make sure you completely understand them, and your business strategies should adhere to them. If you go against these guidelines, you put your business at the risk of being suspended by Amazon.

In fact, in some instances, the platform can seven completely shut down your account. When you comply with the rules and regulations, you can consider yourself to be on the right track and have better opportunities to increase sales and revenue.

Generating sales on Amazon is becoming complicated with every passing day. The competition is increasing, algorithms are changing, and customer’s expectations are growing, and sellers have to cater to all of them. To increase your sales, you must ensure that you have a strong operational foundation to ensure optimum efficiency. This way, you can concentrate on building effective sales and marketing strategies to boost your purchases on Amazon. Above are some useful things that top Amazon sellers do to increase their sales opportunities and obtain higher revenues.