Safe And With WOW Effect: How To Use Sex Toys

We all can see that there is less stigma surrounding female and male sexuality and its expression in western countries these days. People start speaking openly about their fetishes, previous sexual experience, and fantasies.

It looks like it’s difficult to surprise modern society with anyone’s sexual manifestations. Many things have gone mainstream thanks to pop culture (hello there, Sex And The City and Fifty Shades Of Grey fans!).

At this point, the sex toy market makes more than $28 billion each year. It is assumed that this number is more likely to double in 2026. Adult toy manufacturers have a creative approach towards the business. That’s why we see all these unusual toys, including ponytail anal plug and crystal twist dildo. Entrepreneurs just try to meet the demanding needs of their customers.

While chasing new unique products, many sex toy users don’t pay enough attention to safety regulations.

Reading instructions at night might not be as hot as sharing a toy with your beloved partner. However, it will help to avoid exposing yourself to unhealthy chemicals and infections. Whether you are a beginner or experienced user, you should know how to choose a toy that will make you orgasm without any unpleasant consequences. That’s what you need to know in the first place:

Choose the right materials

It’s difficult to say how many types of sex toys there are exactly. Some people can be quite creative at home. They use very unusual subjects to please themselves, from electric toothbrush and vegetables to waffle balls and vacuum.

Needless to say, it’s safer to use tested and reviewed sex toys. To make sure you are not getting a toy made with low-grade toxic materials, read a package label first.

Avoid toys made with a chemical called phthalates . It has been banned to add phthalates in children’s toys since some studies proved a connection between this chemical and ADHD, type 2 diabetes, reproductive health issues, neurodevelopmental issues, and autism spectrum disorders.

Despite unassailable proof of toxicity of this material, some manufacturers still add it to sex toys in order to save costs. That’s why you should double-check cheap sex toys.

You also need to look out for toys made with jelly and rubber. The thing is that these cheap materials can cause allergic reactions (especially if you have an allergy to latex).

Also, make sure to avoid porous sex toys since they can’t be sterilized. You can only use them with a condom. Experts recommend looking for non-porous options that can be sterilized in boiling water.

According to experts at, a list of harmful materials also includes carbon disulphide, timothy chloride, toluene, phenol, and cadmium. Some studies have shown that these chemicals can impact the central nervous system and even unborn babies.

You will be able to find a lot of ‘safe materials’ such as 100 percent silicone, stainless steel, borosilicate glass, and lucite. All these materials have been tested, and they can last longer than the ones containing cheap chemicals from the list above.

Other than that, stainless steel and borosilicate glass can be warmed to body temperature, which some users find quite pleasurable.

Check out the infographic to learn more about dangerous sex toy materials:

Take care of your toys

If you want to avoid consequences such as sexually transmitted diseases and infections, you should learn how to clean and store sex toys.

You should clean them as often as possible. If you ignore the basics, you may risk the growth of bacteria and get infected. It’s recommended to clean toys with hand soap and warm water.

To make sure you are doing everything right, read the instructions on the package. You can put some sex toys in the dishwasher, while others you should clean only in cold water. It will not only benefit your genital health, but it will also extend the life of your sex toy.

Some people use toys for foreplay. In order to avoid the spread of STDs, it’s recommended not to share such private things. You can do so only if another person uses a condom while playing with a toy.

Also, make sure to store your sex toys in the right way. The thing is that storing such things under the bed or on a high shelf is not very hygienic because of the dust. It’s better to keep sex toys in the special storage bag or a box that you can lock with a key.

How to use poppers

Poppers are a great way to add some extra excitement into your love life in a safe and fun way. When used correctly they can be very exhilarating for men and women. Poppers are the colloquial term for a group of liquids called alkyl nitrates which usually come in small plastic bottles. Poppers are generally marketed as “room odourisers”, however, that is not how they are used in the bedroom. Once a bottle of poppers has been opened, they are consumed by simply smelling the liquid within the bottle. The smell can be a little off putting at first as they do have quite a strong solvent-like aroma – however – they are safe to consume in this way, you can find quid on how to use poppers on this website Drinking the liquid is dangerous and is not the intended use of the substance. A good tip would be to put a small amount of the liquid onto a cloth or another absorbent surface in order to better regulate the strength of the inhalation one is intending to partake.

Once inhaled, poppers produce a wonderful head-rush sensation that can be quite thrilling,
along with a mild sense of euphoria. In the bedroom, the secondary effect of poppers is to
increase blood-flow to your skin and muscles, leaving you feeling extra-sensitive and relaxed at the same time. This helps produce wonderful sensations of physical pleasure between yourself and your partner as you touch one another with a heightened physical awareness. The increased blood-flow will affect all parts of your body, including your sexual organs, and so will make them even more sensitive and pleasurable to the touch as you and your partner settle in for a night of excitement and heightened pleasure. Poppers can assist with absolutely powerful erections to help you keep going all night long.

The bottom line

Adult toys can make your sex life more exciting, especially if you don’t have a partner at this point in your life. To have an amazing experience, you should know how to choose sex toys and take care of them. Once you learn the simple basics, you will not have to deal with any consequences. So, keep learning and enjoying yourself to the fullest!