Timeless Season 2 release date and spoiler alert!

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If you do not want the season two spoiled make sure you skip this article in total or just try to skip the next sentence. Apparently, the sequel of Timeless will be somewhat edgy, even more with the fact that in season 2 Lucy (Abigail Spencer) will find herself between a rock and a hard place and will pretty much have to make a choice that no one wants. Love or Family is the theme of the season two and it will glue you to your screens.

Fans of this NBC’s show will get what they waited almost throughout the entire season 1, and that is a romance between their two main characters. This was confirmed by showrunner Shawn Ryan who said that Wyatt (Matt Lanter) is finally ready to consider a relationship with his partner Lucy. As you know, after his wife had died Wyatt closed himself up in his little shell and didn’t want to let anybody in, except Lucy.

Thanks to many adventures they shared he eventually realized that he is actually attracted to her but the fact that Wyatt endured a loss and because of the pain he decided not to make the first move. The last episode of the season showed us how this guy is finally letting go of the pain and how he is finding himself more and more relying on Lucy. We all could see that he, for the first time, is looking forward to any kind of future with her.

Source: globaltv.com

Timeless Season 2 Release date & Plot

But this all would be so predictable without the conundrum that is going to be brought by season 2. Yes, Wyatt may be ready for the next step but Lucy now has a lot on her mind and romance is just not there. She finally found out that her mother, Carol (Susanna Thompson), is an important member of Rittenhouse and that she has been preparing Lucy to take her place. That is where the rock and a hard place comes into focus.

Thanks to a February interview with TVLine, series creator Eric Kripke revealed that Lucy is in front of a big decision – follow in her mother’s footsteps or become attached to Wyatt. If she chooses her mother than that decision might be a huge threat to her relationship with Wyatt and the result out of that are two broken hearts with no happy end in sight. “At first, we thought it was just a typical, overbearing mother. Now we realize that there was a very meticulous plan in place. Mom’s plan for Lucy is to be the primary team member to take back the mother-ship in Rittenhouse’s name and make specific and surgical changes to history to make the present far more advantageous for that organization. So she’s their great white hope, and she’s been, unbeknownst to her, meticulously conditioned to be that person” stated Kripke in the TVLine interview.

Just how things will eventually resolve will be clear during season two which, by the way, NBC still didn’t update with a possible release date. It seems that we have to wait a little bit more for additional info. Stay close if you want to be first to know it.