Tips for getting a visa to Oman

For most people back at home, Oman is an exotic, off the track destination which doesn’t often get into their travel plans, and a lot of them get surprised when they find out that Oman is a country that has been getting tourists for the last two decades.

Oman was never the type of country that is filled with casual independent travelers and with random backpackers, but Western tour groups were not such a rare to see, and both the harbors of Salalah and Muscat were daily loaded with huge cruise ships coming from all over the world.

It was, however, and exclusive country, with a very expensive and little tourism infrastructure. But today, thanks to the international of its neighbor Dubai, Oman became a popular destination both for expatriates who wish to escape a little from Dubai, and Westerners who wish to explore the most welcoming and traditional Arab country.

This travel guide will help you understand everything you need about Oman and whether to get a Visa and how to get it.

Why visit Oman?

Oman is a very unique country, unlike the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait or Qatar, because it has managed to keep its own traditions and character. Oman is a very oil-rich country, but they do not need to spend millions or billions building nonsensical monuments and extravagant buildings. They do not need to because people visit the country to meet the welcoming people of Oman and to check out its epic mountains in the Arabian Peninsula, which go as high as 3,000m (or almost 10,000 feet) and the incredible coastline.

The great thing about Oman is because despite the modernization, the country managed to preserve all of their traditions. In Oman, you can still attend a livestock market and they share a meal with a local in the most traditional way.

Not surprisingly, Oman is getting incredibly popular, but the good thing is that the country is large enough, so you can always find loads of off the track places that have still remained untouched if you want some peace and quiet.

How to get a visa for Oman

Most nationalities can simply buy a visa on their arrival.

A 30-day visa is about 60 US dollars or 21 rials (Oman’s currency), a 10-day visa is about 13 USD or 5 rials and the multiple-entry visa that is valid for one year is 130 USD or 50 rials. If possible, try to pay for your visa either with a credit card or Omani Rials, because the USD price is much higher than the actual exchange rate.

You can also get your Oman visa online through at a better price and in just a few easy steps.

Best time to visit Oman

In Oman, there really isn’t autumn or a spring season, but the weather changes from crazy hot to pleasant in just a few days. The best time to go during the summer months is between May and October if you want to experience pleasant weather in the mountain and low-season price and between November and April during the winter days for loads of social life and events.