Tips for Unclogging Toilets Without Using a Plunger

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Toilets can clog when the wrong items are flushed into them. Usually, you know how to clear them using a flange plunger. But what would you do when you’re unable to access a plunger?

Maybe you’ve moved into another home or maybe your plunger is with your neighbor who happens to be away. In such situations, you’d be confused about what to do.

If you can’t get a plunger immediately, you still have to figure out what you’ll do with your clogged toilet. You’ll wish that you can unclog it without using a plunger.

Luckily, it’s possible to get it running smoothly again without using a plunger. In fact, there are several ways of clearing clogs without plunging your toilet. Here’re some tricks you can try.

1. Using Hot Water

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Fill a large bucket with some hot water. The water shouldn’t be boiling but hot enough. Boiling water may crack your toilet bowl. Once you fill a large bucket with hot water, pour it into the bowl. The bowl should be nearly full with hot water.

Allow the hot water to sit for several minutes. The heat will assist in breaking down the solid matter clogging the toilet and flush it. In case this fails to work, then try other methods below.

2. Using Dish Soap

Simply take some dish soap and squeeze a good amount into your toilet bowl. Allow the dish soap to sit in the bowl for around 15 minutes. It’ll help in breaking down any solid matter. In addition, it’ll lubricate your toilet bowl and the drain pipe such that the block will slide easily through the drain.

Once done, you can use the previous trick of hot water again. Once you allow the soap and hot water to settle, try flushing your toilet and check whether it’ll drain smoothly. If it fails, then you can repeat this trick again. You can even allow the soap to settle overnight for a better effect.

3. Using a Sturdy Wire

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Wire hangers are an effective way of removing shallow blocks. If you have ever tried chemicals for unclogging, and they didn’t get the job done, then you need to work on them physically. You can take a hanger and unfold the wire. Then insert the wire into your toilet bowl opening while wiggling it around.

While this method may be gross for extreme clogs, it does the job. You should wear gloves for hygiene purposes. Take care not to damage the bowl while unclogging. The wire can scratch the porcelain in case you’re extremely rough on it.

4. Using Epsom Salt

In case you can get some Epsom salt, then it can do wonders in your clogged toilet. Pour some of it into the bowl. It will mix with water to trigger some chemical reactions that will make the water bubble and fizz. The chemical reaction will assist in dissolving clogs.

You’ll need to pour a large amount of the salt into your toilet bowl and allow it to settle for at least 15 minutes. Then try flushing. The first flush should show some positive results. You can also use the hot water and dish soap method in combination with Epsom salt for better results.

Upon unclogging the toilet successfully, there are certain things you’ll need to do. For instance, you’ll need to buy a plunger (flange type). While these techniques work, it’ll help to have a plunger around.

Also, you’ll need to determine whether your toilet is indeed blocked. If it happens often, then the problem might be with your plumbing system.

Problems with the plumbing system require the attention of professional plumbers. Professional plumbers can inspect your home and determine the cause of the frequent clogs. They’ll assist in solving the problem and ensure the clogs won’t occur again soon. For more details, check out this site on how to unblock a toilet.