Tips on How You Can Make Money Online with Bharat Bhise

Bharat Bhise HNA executive and long time friend of mine was the first person who I ever witnessed making money online, and it was something that completely changed my life. Bharat wasn’t playing online poker on anything like that; he was selling marketing space on a website which he had bought, built, and grown. I can still remember the first $100 which he made online, and the phone call when he told me what had just happened, my brain couldn’t quite accept it.

What I was unable to accept was that someone could sit at their computer, in their pajamas if they so wish, perform work across the internet, and for someone to pay them for it. Naturally, my interest was very much peaked, and I badgered Bharat for months afterward about the whys, whats, and wherefores. I was fascinated by this notion, and so for the next 3 or 4 years, I dedicated myself to finding ways in which I would also make money online, not quite like Bharat, but in any way that I could possibly find, I was completely hooked! Over the years, I have tried just about every tip and trick there is and if you are looking to make some side cash online, not a salary, then here are some ways to go about it.

Online Surveys

When government agencies and private companies want to get more information on their target demographics, one area which they look at to obtain such information is offering surveys online. These surveys will feature a wide range of questions that are answered by members of the public. When the information is processed, they can get a better understanding of precisely what people want and what behaviors people follow. A third party company offers these surveys and you can sign up for a profile with them and get paid for each survey that you fill out. Each survey pays out a different value of money, and while you won’t exactly be able to buy yourself a new car, the surveys do add up, and the more you do, the more you get paid.


The most success that I have had in terms of making money online has been flipping products that I have found in garage sales and thrift stores. This is much easier to do than many of you will believe, and it is made easier thanks to mobile devices. Arm yourself with your mobile and get digging through yard sales; when you find something that you thin may be good value, check out how much it is already selling for on a site like eBay. If the price online is higher than the price you have in front of you, simply buy the product, snap a photo of it, and list it right away. I had had numerous moments whereby the product had sold online before I even got home from a day at the yard sales, and this is basically a license to print money. You have to remember that those people who are selling these goods don’t have the time or the patience to list it online, they just want the products gone, which means that you can make some great money through flipping them.

Freelance Writing

There is an enormous selection of freelance gigs that you can do online, depending on what skills you have, from virtual assistant work to graphic design. The most universal and recommended freelance job that I would recommend, however, is freelance writing, firstly because the large majority of people out there have what it takes to write a great piece of work, and second, because there is just so much work available. People need content for a wide number of reasons, and if you can find the client and get the job, then you can start to make some very nice cash on the side. If you go to a website such as Upwork, you will find a plethora of employers just looking for online writers to provide content for them. This content will be used on websites, in Ezines, on blogs, and in all manner of books, leaflets, and reading material. All you need to do is bid for the job, show some examples of what you can do, and then if you get the gig, make sure that you work hard to deliver on time and to a very high standard. The better the work is, the better the review you will get, and that will improve your chances of getting more hires and making more money down the line.

These are just a few examples of ways in which you can make some sweet cash online.