3 Tips To Increase Sperm Count

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While a lot of guys might be looking for ways to ejaculate heavy loads, not all of them do it for the same reasons. Some might want to look and feel like a porn-star at the moment of busting a nut while others have more serious intentions. When your intention is to get your girl pregnant, then you need to worry about the ejaculate amount and you can learn more about sperm count here.

Sperm Count Matters

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What I am trying to say is that you need to increase your sperm count, which is not always the same as increasing the volume of your load. An unhealthy, low number will not only make you feel bad about yourself, but it will also make your goal of having a child a bit difficult. Even if you don’t want a child right now, it’s always a good idea to keep your sperm count in check.

I suppose that you know it takes only one sperm to fertilize an egg. Given that, isn’t it logical that achieving conception shouldn’t be so difficult even with a low count? I mean – it’s not like there’s zero sperm shooting out of your penis. As nice as that logic would be, I’m afraid things are a bit more complicated.

Simply put, your sperm needs to fight for it. One of those swimmers needs to penetrate and fertilize the egg. While there are other factors to take into consideration here, such as the motility of your swimmers, sperm count also matters. The bigger the count, the bigger the chances for that one hero to reach the goal.

Let me tell you what you can do to successfully increase your sperm count. You’ll find some of the most effective ways at sextoyeducation.com but I will still offer you a few important tips of my own. If you can do more than one thing to achieve this significant goal, I don’t see why you wouldn’t try them all out. Here we go.

The Gym Can Be Your Friend

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You might not be a gym enthusiast, and that’s okay. I’m not saying that you need to turn yourself like Arnold Schwarzenegger and get strong muscles in order to be able to increase your sperm count. Muscles might have little to do with this but exercise has a lot to do with it. If you are leading an unhealthy life, that is bound to leave consequences on your semen. Furthermore, obesity can have a significantly negative impact on it. That’s why you should develop some healthier habits and start hitting the gym regularly, even if just to walk on the treadmill. Regular exercise will be really helpful in this regard.

As you can see, we are no strangers to the fact that exercises can provide a significant boost to your sperm count. According to the report that we had the pleasure of taking a look at, we can see that exercising for half an hour, three times per week, can provide you with a significant improvement of your sperm count. Moreover, there are several exercises that can boost sperm production even more than just the usual ones. Some of them are Yoga methods, so you are not just tied to basic gym exercises.

Yoga is something that will improve your blood circulation. As you probably know, having a proper level of blood circulation is a great thing for the whole of your body, not just your sperm count. At the same time, it will increase the production of the spermatozoids by increasing the release of testosterone. Furthermore, it increases libido. Wait, yoga is doing all of this? Yeah, people usually don’t have the slightest idea of how yoga can have a positive effect on their everyday life. Plus, practicing yoga will have a positive effect when it comes to the lowering of stress levels. This is like killing two birds with one stone.

Beauty Sleep – But For Your Semen

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Who says that beauty sleep is reserved only for women? Men are entitled to this as well. Although you might not be worried about whether it will make you look pretty, you should start considering what it can do for your member. No, I’m not saying that your ding-dong will get more attractive if you get your necessary hours of sleep. I’m talking about something entirely different. You might not be aware of this, but sleep can affect your sperm count. Don’t use this as an excuse to sleep all the time and do nothing else. A good night’s eight-hour sleep will be perfectly enough to increase the number of your swimmers and help you stay healthy in general.

This story makes perfect sense and it is something you can see for yourself before you believe it. For example, when you didn’t get a good night’s sleep, you will not feel properly. When we say that, we mean that you will feel tired and your mood will not be at the acceptable level. Just think about how your whole organism feels when only your brain shows you these signs. As we said, one of the things that are heavily affected by the lack of sleep is the sperm count. You can inflict significant damage to your spermatozoids with a few consecutive days without proper sleep. This is really something we wouldn’t advise you to do.

Stress Means Less

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Nobody likes to be stressed out, that’s for sure. We all know that it has a negative impact on our health, but did you know that stress influences your sperm count and quality as well? If you are having issues with your semen, the last thing you want to do is get stressed and frustrated, because it will only further aggravate the problem. I understand that this is easier said than done. It’s not like you have a switch that turns stress on and off, but when you really want to get rid of it, you can. For example, you can find a hobby, do something that relaxes you, and resort to that something every time you are under pressure. Your mind will do the rest for you.

The reason stress is so harmful towards your sperm count is that when you are feeling stressed, your body undertakes defensive actions in order to prevent the c. This is the reason you are feeling sleepy after the stress has passed. The body itself makes priorities. The most important one is that your body needs to survive, and in order to survive, it sacrifices other bodily functions, like reproduction. The main reason for all of the negative effects of stress on the sperm count can be explained with a hormone called cortisol. When this hormone starts producing its effects, the sperm level goes down.

Therefore, besides you prevent yourself from being stressed, you need to improve your diet. As we said, practice a little bit more than usual, and practice things that you actually enjoy doing. All of these three elements will prove crucial for improving your sperm count and their condition, you can be sure of that. People who are prone to stress and anxiety can have severe consequences to their sperm count. At the same time, the prescribed pills can have an additional negative effect on your condition.