Tom Brady Sends Dwayne Johnson Under Armour Pajamas

Recently, Tom Brady posted a video on Facebook in which he told Dwayne Johnson that he would send him his new Under Armour pajamas. However, the New England Patriots quarterback didn’t just do it in a classic way, he tried to convey the message in Rock style.

The Rock didn’t see the video immediately, and he wanted to watch it together with his fans. The former WWE wrestler was not impressed with the video at all. He said: “Thomas, what was that? You’re sitting there on some rocks, which I guess that’s supposed to be profound because my name is The Rock, and your legs are open like Kermit the Frog like you’re getting ready to sing Rainbow Connection for Christ’s sake.”

He went on to roast Brady: “What are you doing? It’s OK. I’m not judging. Who directed that? A Jets fan? Had to have been a Jets fan. Thomas, did you really think that was a good idea?”

Moreover, he first showed and then gave some hints to Brady on how to do a far better Rock Impression: “That’s how you are supposed to do it. You are supposed to be standing up, you deliver with energy, with zing, with power. I love the fact that you are clearly having fun, love seeing you having fun, I know your fans are going to love the video. Tom Brady‘s recovery sleepwear. I appreciate that, I am going to wear it tonight.”

The Hollywood star revealed something we were not so interested in: “It’s gonna be a change for your buddy DJ, because usually, I sleep in the buff.” Later on, he became more serious and wished Brady all the best: “Buddy congratulations on your partnership, congratulation on your launch, very very cool and you are a part of the Under Armour family. Good luck in the playoffs, keep doing your thing, we are going to be rooting for you and above all else leave the acting to me.”