Top 5 NFL Unrestricted Free Agents In 2017

Even though there are still teams that are playing for the Super Bowl title, there are a lot of squads who’s offseason has already started. They are thinking and looking at the moves that they need to make in order to improve their chances in the next campaign. The Draft is a big part of that, but so is the free agency. Let’s take a look at the top free agents that are going to be on the market.

5) Chandler Jones – Arizona Cardinals – Jones has been good for the Cards ever since Bill Belichick traded him to Arizona. But, he didn’t trade him because he can’t play. He moved on from him because he is going to demand a lot of money when his contract runs out. That happens this spring and Cardinals will be on the clock.

4) Kawwan Short – Carolina Panthers – One of the reasons for Panthers moving on from Josh Norman is the fact that they need to pay their defensive tackle Kawwan Short. Well, his contract has almost expired, and it’s time for the Carolina Panthers to pay up.

3) Kirk Cousins – Washington Redskins – This quarterback has had a great season, but failed to lead his team to the postseason in the final duel of the year. He is looking for big dollars, and it’s up to the Redskins to decide whether or not Kirk Cousins is worth the money and the years that they’ll need to give him.

2) Eric Berry – Kansas City Chiefs – Locker room leader and still in his prime at the age of 28, Eric Berry is a safety that will get his money this offseason. Chiefs used a franchise tag on him prior to 2016, but now, it’s time to pay up.

1) Le’Veon Bell – Pittsburgh Steelers – The best running back in the NFL will be an unrestricted free agent this spring. But, the Steelers are preparing to use the franchise tag on him, so it seems that Bell won’t be going anywhere, at least not this round.