Tony Romo Might Return To Dallas If They Need Him


Tony Romo has today announced that he is leaving the game of football after 14 years in order to pursue a career in broadcasting. He probably could have played a couple of more years if he wanted to as some teams would be interested in giving him the starting spot in the league. Former Cowboy decided that it is time to retire as he probably didn’t want to play for any other squad.

There is one big and very interesting thing in this situation. Even though this guy is getting ready to work his new job with the CBS, he has stated that he could return to the Dallas if the team needed him. Romo is going to be the one to rescue them if something happens to Dak Prescott. This was reported by NFL Networks’ Jane Slater right after Tony decided to hang up the cleats.


“In his head right now, he has not ruled out coming back to Dallas if in fact they ever needed him, because, God forbid, there was an injury, that he could see himself in a savior role for the Cowboys,” Slater reported this Tuesday on NFL Network’s Good Morning Football show.

This situation is pretty simple, and it is a good one for the Cowboys. If Dak Prescott gets injured and is done for the year, a player that is more than capable of starting in the NFL is going to come and save the day. In this case, that guy is Tony Romo. Kellen Moore is on the ‘Boys squad right now, but he is not the type of player that is going to win the games for Jason Garrett. If something happens to Dak Prescott, their best option might indeed be Tony Romo.