Tools Every Auto Mechanic Needs to Have 

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The job of the auto mechanic isn’t an easy one, but it sure is dynamic and exciting. While in the past a lot could be achieved with just a good wrench set, a screwdriver, and a pair of pliers, today’s cars are more complex and diverse. There are also computer chips and many electronic parts which is why extensive knowledge, experience, and many different tools are required to maintain a modern vehicle. Finding a problem with the car that has all those sophisticated electronic parts can be a laborious task, but mechanics are prepared.

Under-hood light

This can also be used as an under-vehicle light. You won’t be able to get much done if you aren’t able to see what you’re doing. Many of these come with strong magnets that can keep them firmly in place and don’t allow it to move. They can come in the form of a stick, or rather a tube, that can rotate so you can aim the light wherever you want to. LED lights are the best choice and they are typically rechargeable. The size of the battery can vary a lot from light to light, but you can find those that last for many hours allowing you to work without worrying about your battery dying.

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Protective gloves

The best option when looking for gloves might be nitrile coated work gloves. They come with the protective coat that covers the entire palm and goes around all of the fingers. This coating is amazing protection from cuts, abrasions, oils, and chemicals. If you’re interested in how they’re made and what else they can be used for, check this. While the protective coat is keeping your hands safe, the top part of the gloves is allowing your hands to breathe keeping your hands dry and comfortable. In the past, gloves used to be made out of leather or some other thick material in order to protect the hand which limited the movement of the hand, but these gloves allow you to move your hands freely.

Lifts and hoists

Auto mechanics use many different lifts and hoists in order to access a certain area of the vehicle that needs to be repaired. While some might use pneumatic lifts that will lift the car high enough so that a mechanic can stand under a car, others use more simple hoist systems that will allow the mechanic to roll under the chassis.

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Hand tools

Many different hand tools are essential for a mechanic to be able to properly do their job, but we’re going to mention just some of the main ones. Screwdrivers and pliers are a must-have. Even though it’s quite possible you won’t use the entire set of screwdrivers, it’s often cheaper to buy a complete set instead of choosing some of the most basic ones. The main three types of pliers you’ll need are normal, long-nosed, and cutter pliers. Another basic thing you’ll need is a good wrench set. You can go for the metric ones first, but if you can, buy a set of ratchet wrenches as well. Also, you won’t be able to get much done without a proper impact gun. You should invest in a high-quality, cordless one as it will make your job infinitely easier.