Top 10 Amiga Games of All Time

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Amiga is an unknown platform for some of you. Those who do remember will know it is 16 bit unit with AmigaOS and loudspeaker. Yes, you can play these games on a PC or Android phone using an emulator and downloading Amiga ROMs from Gamulator. Now is the moment to find out which games you should play in the first place.

1. Super Cars II

Super Cars II offers 21 tracks with numerous threats, fast-paced drive and all kinds of weapons. You can accelerate automatically and fire missiles and shooting while racing. The dual player option when the screen is split into two parts is loaded with thrill and impressive for all of us. All of this made the game in question one of the best for Amiga platform.

2. Sensible Soccer: European Champions

This game was revealed in 1992 and it was revolutionary back in a day. You were able to choose all popular teams, to play different matches and to enjoy the unique graphics. It was art-a-like and was considered as the best of the decade. The game is fast-paced development of the old generation that has been more popular than you can imagine.

3. Eye of the Beholder

The game in question is older than the first two. It was released in 1990 and was loaded with puzzles and dungeons. The main advantage was 3D game-play and the ability to use levers, pressure stones and so much more while playing.

4. Syndicate

You will be placed in the year 2096 as a manager of the Syndicate. Your mission is to use all the assets in order to spread the law and rule of the corporation. As you can see the game is set in the future where the planet is controlled by the massive corporations. There is also a CHIP that can change the personality of a person and be used to control her.

5. F29 Retaliator

F29 Retaliator was developed in 1989 and it is precisely as you would expect. You have 2 aircraft to choose from, 4 missions and countless threats. Your mission is to defeat all of them. The aircraft was developed to look like actual planes that were used by the American army in the 90s.

6. Midwinter

Midwinter is a strategy-based game although you were able to see action elements as well. You get an island and you should prevent evil general from taking control over it. There are 23 special characters on the island and each one of them has to be recruited and used due to the fact each one has special abilities. You were able to zoom while playing which was rare back in a day.

7. Cannon Fodder 2

Cannon Fodder 2 is a simple game placed in World War II but with aliens. Yes, you had to kill as many aliens and destroy their aircraft in order to win the game. The pace was fast and there were a lot of enemies to destroy.

8. Hunter

The game is filled with action and it is precise as you would imagine. Basically, you will be a hit-man and your only mission is to locate the ‘’general’’ and kill him. Keep in mind that you will have to bring his head to your employer. The game is appealing and complicated thanks to a lot of details and capabilities.

9. Pinball Fantasies

It is one of the rarer games here and it offers 4 tables and several different layouts. In the game, the score is measured and the best player is the one with the highest score after a game. The game is well-known as one of the most addictive games for Amiga OS.

10. Lemmings

Lemmings is a puzzle game where you need to help the characters reach the next level. They have green hair and white T-shirts and they look like nothing else. The levels are more complicated as you progress and you can use various features and even more options to move them to the next point. Games of this kind were popular in the 90s and you were able to find this game for any platform common at the time.


These games will keep you busy and engaged more than you may think so download them and start playing today. There is nothing better than retro gaming using modern devices and classic games.