Should You Track Your Kids With An App?

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Almost all parents worry about their kids, but should you spy on them? An increasing number of parents are starting to use GPS tracking apps on their children’s phones. Some people may consider this as harassing your children and while it brings peace to worried parents, this may have a counter effect and your kid never learns to be independent and safe on his own.

But today how safe it is to let your child be independent and on its own? Having your children be safe may be a much better option than risking something happening to your kid just to give them independence. Although explaining to your children why you feel to track their location and ask for their consent is a great middle-ground, a win-win situation for both.

We simply can’t decide which decision is best for you so we are going to share some of the pros and cons of tracking your children.


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1. Calms worried parents

Parents won’t have to be calling their children all the time, making them feel embarrassed or even harassed. It will also stop parents from continuously interrupting their children’s playtime.

GPS tracking can also make uneasy parents feel better when their kid doesn’t answer the phone on the first call. They can just quickly check their location through the tracking app and put their minds at ease.

2. Gives children their freedom

If parents are aware of their children’s location and that they’re safe, it gives kids their freedom to explore and move freely without the parents constantly calling.

3. Children feel safer

Location tracking can even make children feel safer. For example, if a kid gets lost, instead of panicking and wandering off, even more, the child will simply stay calm and wait for its parents to come to get him.

If you agree with the advantages we listed for tracking your children you should check out The Truth Spy app.


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1. Children could become secretive

Kids may respond to tracking with becoming more rebellious and secretive. They could start leaving their phone just so their parents can’t track their location.

2. Children may stay inexperienced with the real world

Kids could be at risk of not learning how to handle themselves in an unsafe environment and may even stay that way throughout their adult life. Without constant tracking children need to experience how the real world works and sometimes that world is not always safe.

3. Kids get early access to social media

To have a tracking app on your kid they will need a phone. Phones can expose kids too early to social media which can contain content not suitable for young audiences. Social media may also introduce cyberbullying or unwanted contact with strangers.

4. Trust

If the children are not aware that they are being tracked and somehow find out, this could be counterproductive and lose trust in their own parents. Young adults may feel like their parents don’t trust them or are “control freaks”.

The best way to handle this is to simply discuss with your children and try to make them understand why tracking them is necessary. Getting their consent can build your trust.

Now that you are aware of the main pros and cons of tracking your children, you should be able to decide what is the right decision for you.