Top 10 Best-Sellers in January 2017 (INFOGRAPHIC)

First few months of 2017 have gone by, and we have first official information about sale figures which were released by respective automakers. The numbers only show US market and are applicable only for the first month of this year. A lot of new models were introduced late in 2016 or early this year and are already topping the selling charts. There are few expected best-sellers and a few that surprised us. Take a look at the infographic bellow provided to us by and tell us what you think.


10) Tenth place is reserved for Toyota’s premium sedan Camry which is one of Toyota’s best-selling models in the US, but this was enough only for the bottom place on the list.

9) The model which revolutionized Ford’s look on crossover market and was always performing out of the expected norm. It does the same today and thus Escape got the ninth place with 20,588 sold units.

8) Corolla//iM despite its unorthodox looks so typical for Toyota, this one attracts customers with its reliability and efficiency and thus merits enough sales to find itself on the ten best-selling cars for January list.

7) In seventh place, we have another SUV which only confirmed the ever-growing popularity of these type of vehicles. It is also another model from Toyota which shows that Japanese manufacturer pleases US market in more than one way. The vehicle in question is RAV4.

6) Away from Toyota but back to Japan. With 23,095 sold models sixth place is reserved from Honda’s compact hatchback the Civic.

5) In the middle of the list, we have a reoccurring appearance. This position is taken by a vehicle from Japan, and it is yet another SUV-Crossover. Nissan Rogue took fifth place with 28,600 sold pieces.

4) In the upper part of the ladder, we have recently introduced 2017 Honda CR-V which sent out 29,287 units sold solely in January. It seems that it Honda managed to keep and even to expand its market share with revised CR-V SUV.

3) First three slots are reserved for the Americas truly loved trucks. First in line is RAM Pickup.

2) Second place for always reliable Chevrolet Silverado which sold 35,553 models of this pickup. This number sounds impressive but wait to see the first place.

1) And, finally the top of the food chain. The model that got us used to see it one the top of selling charts. Ford’s premium pickup truck the on and only – Ford F-Series.