Top 10 Jerry Jones Hall of Fame Weekend Stories

We all know and love the Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend. Because of that, he spent several fun days and here are ten entertaining things we know about Jerry Jones’ weekend.

10. Win

The Cowboys faced the Arizona Cardinals in an exhibition game which was a chance for the backup players to show off. We watched quarterback Kellen Moore, WR Brice Butler and TE Rico Gathers and one of the most amazing moments of the game was Butler’s catch. The Cowboys grabbed a 20-18 victory, but the rookies struggled.

9. Zeke

The NFL waited to issue a ruling on Ezekiel Elliott’s investigation close to Jones’ induction because that could wait slightly more. However, Jones mentioned Elliott himself, and he said that he did “not anticipate a suspension” for the talented RB.

“What I don’t want to do is hurt things by talking about how I feel,” Jones said Friday. “So that’s that. But I think that when you look at everything that I’m aware of, then I’m not anticipating a suspension.”

8. A Family Affair

He had a good time with his family, and his wife Gene introduced him Saturday night for his speech. 17 Jones family members attended, three of them being his children who are working with him in the Dallas Cowboys organization.

7. Gold Shoes

Jerry wore the gold, custom-made Nikes which went perfectly with his Hall of Fame jacket. They were made by Nike’s Phil Knight who designed shoes for Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods in the past. What an honor.

From SportsDay’s Brandon George, on the gift:

Jones’ new shoes resemble the Hall of Fame gold jacket in more than color. The upper fabric and lining of the shoes are made from Haggar Authentic Pro Football Hall of Fame gold jacket material. The sock-liner is also Haggar lining from the gold jacket’s interior. The tongue and heel of the shoes have the same buttons that are on the gold jacket sleeve and chest.

“It was great to see him in that gold jacket. He looked like a natural,” Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones said of his father. And he looked great up there with his Hall of Fame tennis shoes on, too. He was really wanting to wear those shoes.”

6. Expensive Party

Jones had a massive party which was a courtesy of his wife and children. The party cost over $10 million, and there were more than 1,000 people invited some of which were the former Cowboys players such as Tony Romo, Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, etc. Justin Timberlake entertained the people.

5. Jerry-ism

One of the best details was the ode to Jerry-isms. Jones is famous for his press conferences, and he had often used a language and phrases of his own. You can see the napkin created by his friends and family here. It’s ridiculous.

4. The speech

Jones mentioned a lot of people, but he paid special thanks to Tom Landry, a coach he had fired upon buying the team. Jones said: “Tom Landry, iconic, the only coach in the history of the Cowboys was an icon. He was and still is, his son is sitting right here, he is the Dallas Cowboys. And I honor coach Landry.”

3. Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones’ reconciliation

Jones talked about his former coach and said that he was “a great teammate, a great partner and contrary to popular belief, we worked so well together.”

“I wanted Jimmy Johnson. I said he’d be worth five first-round draft choices or five Heisman Trophy winners. Of course, I sure did get laughed out of town when I said it. It was my first experience as an owner and general manager making a difficult and very unpopular decision. Jimmy, it was a great decision,” continued Jones.

2. He talked about Aikman, Romo and Jason Witten

Jones praised Aikman and went on to talk about Tony Romo. He declared: “No quarterback in Cowboys history was asked to carry as much of the load for his team as Tony. He beat all of the odds and delivered some of the most remarkable plays and unforgettable performances in our team history.”

He also said that Witten would also wear the gold jacket very soon: “No. 82, Jason Witten, Jason’s right there in the top five of all the men, owners, commissioners, players that I’ve met in the NFL. Not players, people. …Jason will be here, he’ll have one of these jackets.”

1. More Family Shout-outs

Jones talked about his children for a long time. His daughter Charlotte Jones Anderson is a leader of women in sports, who works hard “to ensure a safe future for the sport,” said Jones. Also, Stephen Jones “pours his heart and time into this,” whereas Jerry Jones, Jr. is just like him.