Houston Texans vs. Carolina Panthers – Preseason Week 1 Predictions

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The NFL season is back and it is going to start with some preseason action. We have waited for some football games long enough and this is the week where it all begins. Wins are not the goal here for teams, but they want to see which guys should make the final rosters and also to try out some of the things that they have been working on in practice. This is going to be the first chance for the teams to do just that.

Houston Texans have moved up in the draft in order to draft DeShaun Watson. There were rumors that they were after Tony Romo, but the Cowboys quarterback decided to retire. That left them without an option on a free agent market, which meant that they would be looking for their signal caller in the draft.

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Watson is likely going to be a starter on this Texans team and it is going to be interesting what is he going to do against the Panthers in Preseason. Carolina has struggled on the defensive side of the ball last year and they will be looking to fix that. A good outing against the Texans would be a good start for this team.

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Cam Newton has struggled with some injuries during the camp so we don’t expect to see much of him in this game, if at all. Texans defense is tough and will go after Cam if he indeed shows up on the field. Because of that, we are going to pick the Texans to win this game 21:17 behind some decent play for DeShaun Watson. The most interesting thing to see if you are a Texans fan is how he is going to play as well as how the defense is going to look. For the Texans, it is all about staying healthy and improving on the defensive side of the ball.