Top 10 Salaries In WWE For 2016 Revealed


There are a lot of superstars on the WWE’s payroll, but there are always some that earn more than the others. When someone is a big draw and a big star in your company, there is just no other choice but to pull out your checkbook and spend a lot of money on those people. That’s what Vince McMahon had to do in 2016 for few of his guys. Here are the Top 10 salaries in 2016 for the WWE Superstars.

10) Randy Orton – 1.9 Million $ – The Viper is entering the status of a legend in the WWE, but he is still earning big money while also holding the WWE Championship right now.

9) Seth Rollins – 2 Million $ – Rollins is one of the top guys in the company. There is no doubt that the company has him in the plans for the future.

The Undertaker

8) The Undertaker – 2 Million $ – Even though he wrestles only one match a year, The Undertaker is a big deal even at the back end of his career. He has earned the right to get this kind of money.

7) Shane McMahon – 2.2 Million $ – This comes in as a no surprise as Shane is doing work backstage and is also a character or TV. On top of all of that, he is the son of the owner.

6) AJ Styles – 2.4 Million $ – When AJ signed the deal with the WWE, everybody knew that it was a big one. He was the hottest thing in wrestling for a while now so big money was a must in his contract.

5) Dean Ambrose – 2.7 Million $ – The Lunatic Fringe was always the one that earned the least money out of all three Sheild members. Now, he comes in at second in 2016.

4) Roman Reigns – 3.5 Million $ – Reigns is at the top of the ladder in WWE right now. Vince loves him, wants this guy at the top, and pays him big bucks to do what he does.

3) Triple H – 3.8 Million $ – Between being in charge of the NXT, to wrestling a couple of times a year and being a character on TV, Paul Levesque earns a lot of money.


2) John Cena – 8 Million $ – Cena is the best merch seller in the WWE for a while now. He is still a big box office and the face of the company after being just that for over a decade now.

1) Brock Lesnar – 12 Million $ – Lesnar works a limited schedule, but he is a special attraction. He is the only one in double figures when it comes to the money that wrestlers have earned in 2016.