Dwayne Johnson about Black Adam Movie

Source: screenrant.com

It is not very common for a villain to receive the same or even a higher amount of popularity than the hero usually gets. But there are always exceptions, and Black Adam is one of them, ever since he was re-invented as a modern villain. Actually, the adaptation of Black Adam for the big screen seems to be more progressive than for his arch-enemy, Shazam (for old-school fans – Captain Marvel).

Two years after it was reported that Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) will play Black Adam, in January it was announced that Kahndaqian would also be in his own movie. The initial idea was to present Black Adam in the Shazam related film. However, as Johnson said, the decision was made that it was better to introduce each character individually and then later bring them together.

Geoff Johns from DC explained that this is a really good time for them, because they are building new worlds, and people can see that with Aquaman and Wonder Woman and some additional bombshells that await along the way. So they decided to make a movie just for Black Adam and one just for Shazam, that is Captain Marvel. In that way, they are building new worlds which at some point can be brought together.

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At the premiere of The Fate of the Furious, Dwayne Johnson told MTV that the big boys at DC thought that it was smarter to introduce Black Adam independently than to conflict him with Shazam immediately. Another thing he said about his approaching DC movie is that he expects it to be “fu*king awesome.”

When Black Adam comic was launched in 1945, he started as a standard villain. But in the recent years, his character was portrayed as a man seeking justice not only in his fatherland Kahndaq but also all around the world. His techniques are maybe just a little bit crueler in comparison to other superheroes. However, everyone is thrilled to finally get to see Shazam and Black Adam exchange blows on the big screen, just like in the DC Comics.

Despite the fact that The Black Adam movie still doesn’t have the date of release, apparently Shazam is going to be in theaters from April 5, 2019.