Top 4 Common Table Tennis Mistakes

All of us have learned how to play ping pong through different means. Some are through recreational matches, while others undergo proper training.

Since it is a game, it is quite normal to lose and miss some shots. We are susceptible to committing mistakes from time to time, and that’s completely okay.

As long as we learn from them, then there’s nothing that we should worry about. But then again, you need to distinguish first, which is right from wrong.

When it comes to ping pong, the following are considered to be errors.

1. A Grip That Is Too Strong

When playing ping pong, one should learn how to control their strength. It is the key to achieving maximum flexibility and dexterity, especially in playing intensive rallies.

If you hold your paddle or racket too hard, you are losing your control or “feel.” Once this happens, your ability to make a spin is degraded, which, in turn, will cause you to lose the game.

Because of this, it is crucial that your grip is flexible and loose all the time. Pinch your racket with your index finger and thumb so that you can create a better angle in your strokes.

Keep in mind that your thumb should be in the woo and not on the rubber of the paddle. Meanwhile, your remaining fingers should provide support to the shaft.

Don’t forget to practice this kind of grip. It will eventually improve your gameplay.

2. A Wrong Posture

Many people think that it is okay to do varied stances whenever playing ping pong. However, if you want to have optimal chances in winning, you need to learn the proper ping pong posture.

Some players out there tend to stand on their heels, which cause the weight of their body to fall on their back. Of course, it is quite detrimental to them since it eliminates their natural balance.

When you lose balance, your stroke will become inaccurate or weak. It will also make you lag behind, disabling you from reacting on time to the movements of your opponent.

The right posture is doing the following: stand on the front feet then have your upper body lean a little bit forward. Furthermore, it would be best if you make your feet like they are floating so that you can wherever it is necessary.

3. Not Focusing On The Ball

In ping pong, the ball is the thing that matters. You should never let it fall to your side without hitting it back to your opponent.

Your opponent scores every time the ball touches your side without being able to return it properly. Therefore, it is crucial that your focus should be directed to the ball and where it heads.

Some players don’t do this. Instead, they look at the ball shortly and then look at the part where it could possibly land.

Obviously, this won’t be very good for your part. If your opponent is skilled, they will take advantage of this and will make you miss your strokes.

You have to be wary about deceptive players that can do multiple strokes in a whim. Keep in mind that some can do heavy backspin and heavy topspin, which significantly affects the trajectory and speed of the ball.

4. Investing In Wrong Equipment

Of course, we don’t disqualify the fact ping pong is a recreational game. While it is primarily a competitive sport, you can still do this for the sake of fun and socializing.

A lot of people are learning this game to improve their physical and health. Some even pair it with weight loss diets.

However, this doesn’t mean that you are free to invest in poorly-constructed ping pong gears. How could you even enjoy playing it if your tools are shabby or inappropriate in the first place?

For instance, if you want to play in your yard or anywhere in the open, you need to get a ping pong table that is suited for outdoors.

But if you want to be burdened by this hassle, you can also invest in an indoor outdoor ping pong table. They are versatile units that can handle both indoor and outdoor settings. For more suggestions, you can check

Just keep in mind that the quality of your paddles, balls, and rackets can influence your performance–for better or for worse. You really need to invest in them, especially if you want to hone your skills.


As I said, committing errors and mistakes are pretty reasonable, especially if sports like ping pong. The most crucial aspect here is how you are going to correct these flaws so that you’ll not repeat them anymore.

That’s it for now. If you have questions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.