Top 5 Countries to Gamble Online


Gambling is currently one of the most engaging activities globally and has attracted many. People gamble for different purposes, we have those who gamble for fun whilst others gamble for real money. So all this depends on the purpose and personality. No matter the purpose, they all have increased in the adrenaline and so-called adrenaline rush which drives them to engage in this activity.

The gambling industry has really expanded to greater levels and this has necessitated proper legislation to be put in place just to ensure there is a conducive and safe environment for gaming. Slots are becoming the most popular as in most countries. Other popular games include table games, bingo and scratch cards not forgetting the other addictive activity called betting. All these activities are offered by online services and available for players around the world.

Different countries have different legal boundaries and laws that are regulating this market and the players need to be informed about this before engaging in any activity since they need to be sure that they are not enrolled in any illegal operation. Hence, we present the list of countries in which you can gamble online.

Fully Legislated Gambling Countries


Gambling in the past has been an illegal activity in most countries. As time went by, more laws were passed and interest was developed by different countries thereby putting structures to support this sport.

United Kingdom


Gambling in the United Kingdom is governed and regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (for non-UK based casinos click here). This is among the countries that legalized gambling long ago making it now one of the most popular activities. Lots of the people here gamble for real money with non-UK casino sites at which is only legal for players outside the United Kingdom. When it comes to the UK, this state has laws and regulations that regulate the gaming industry to the detail in order to keep the players safe while in these activities. This is very important, especially in this day and age where the expansions of the internet led to an increase in the services provided, as well as an increase in the threat of privacy. There were cases where mirror websites were used to steal personal data, and websites that offer services that involve credit cards and their numbers are most vulnerable. The legal age for gambling in the United Kingdom is 18 years old.



All gambling activities are managed by the Canadian government where they are also the main license providers. Operating a gambling business in Canada requires that you get cleared by the relevant government department. This is a great way of not only controlling the quality of the service but also in the maintenance of the safety of all the users that are engaging in this sort of activity.

Online gambling is also among the favorite activities many citizens of this country like doing. The regulations, however, do not bar citizens from gambling in the sites that are located overseas. This ideally tells us that there is still a gap to fill due to the loose regulations that might bring harm at any time. When it comes to the legal age of people that can use these online activities, in the whole Canada age that people need to be is nineteen, except in three countries, Quebec, Alberta, and Manitoba, where you can be one year younger.

There are many casinos that are offering this kind of service; not only that they are safe for the users, but they also give a lot of variety of games they are offering. By doing so, they do have many users every day. The safety of users is taken very seriously and users’ data is as safe as possible at all times. We believe that there is no need to further explain the importance of this kind of safety since credit card numbers and pins can be stolen and used in illegal activities.



As part of the European Union, gambling in Sweden has been there for some time and has benefited many in different ways. The industry has a huge number of followers who actively participate in gambling-related activities. The state had previously monopolized the gambling industry but pressure from the European Commission forced the country’s lawmakers to legislate some laws that will open the gambling market. Even though the opinions about this are divided, and are both positive and negative, there are reasons for both. The negative side, that has been stated by the providers of the service is very tough regulation rules that have to be met in order to provide this service to the users. On the positive side, this led to a very safe environment in the sense of personal data protection of the users.

The age limit for gambling-related activities in Sweden is not below 18 years just to regulate the vice as many countries do. In the casino sites, you will meet a variety of tables and card games. The slot games and lottery tickets are among the most common games players love.



This is among the great economies of European Countries. Gambling activities are fully regulated by the government who are also the providers of many of the licenses. The robust economy of the country has made money available for gambling to most of the citizens.

The gambling industry is also well facilitated making it easier for the operators to successfully do their businesses. We have a variety of games in the entire industry ranging from the famous baccarat, roulette, and poker among many more of the scratch cards and bingo.



Spanish players enjoy a robust gambling environment and can play at any of the operators who are strictly licensed by the Spanish Gambling Act. The Act which was enacted in 2011 has served the country well calling to action the legislators.

On a good note, they have keenly revised the gambling laws making the nation a better gambling destination. This has seen the operators easily apply for the license and eventually get in the shortest time possible. As a result, the residents of this nation enjoy a conducive gambling environment for the punters.


The increased legislation of gambling-related activities has opened up most of the nations and provided a nice gambling environment. This is because of the huge contributions the gambling industries have to the economies. The increase in the legal permits for gambling increased the number of providers of the service. Laws and regulations are extremely important for the safety of the users and their personal data.