Cryptocurrency Casino Edgeless Got Curacao License

The Government of Curacao has made one of the biggest efforts in developing the gambling industry in Curacao. Through its authority, the government has awarded Edgeless, one of the best cryptocurrency casinos, an operating license for their business.

Cryptocurrency has made a great difference in the world and it is slowly going into all areas of life. Gambling so no different. With the popularization of cryptocurrency, the need for recognizing it as a way of payment has emerged and we are happy to announce that Edgeless is now ready to welcome players and provide the best possible gambling experience. While having casinos with the standard ways of payment that didn’t recognize the need for the cryptocurrency market, now there is the option of using cryptocurrency as a regular method that significantly broadens the options for passionate players.

This is the world’s first Ethereum based cryptocurrency casino to have an operating license. The move which was warmly welcomed by many punters across different gaming destinations allows you to deposit and make withdrawals using cryptocurrency as the main payment method. This shall result in a rise in the number of gamers on the site as a result of a flexible payment system that can be used anywhere by many people.

Edgeless casino with its amazing experience was developed by one of the most modern software that has its games based on blockchain technology. Being the first cryptocurrency casino with the license, it will trigger competition among other industry players making Curacao a better destination for gambling which will surely influence the overall development of the industry, but also increase the money flow in Curacao as well.

The Edgeless casino is also set to unveil its currency latter which shall be used for transactions as a way of diversifying the cryptocurrency issue. The cryptocurrency which has been identified as EDG shall be rolled out to aid in reducing the financial tension that could be experienced in the market.

About Edgeless

Edgeless Casino was introduced and started its operations in 2018 under the Curacao license regulatory body. The company which has its headquarters in Lithuania has a huge number of followers who enjoy a range of gambling products from Edgeless. The site which has not yet developed a downloadable software accepts Ethereum payments and is fully optimized for mobile use. The mission of Edgeless casino is to make all the popular games available to the players and make the whole experience enjoyable. Being available on mobile phones, it is very accessible to a range of people.

The Edgeless casino has one of the simplest registration processes to follow that allows you to get access to a number of popular casino games in a more enticing format. You need a few minutes to sign up and the fun can begin. The site has a variety of games on its panel, we have the Edgeless Dice, Baccarat, Edgeless Black Jack and Edgeless Casino Betting. The players can choose according to the preferences, but one thing is for sure – every game is a chance to win and have fun.

All games in this platform use the RNG software that ensures all the outcomes of any bet are fair and free from bias. This means that there is a great chance of winning. “House always wins” is a known slogan, but we are different. We want to be fair and give all the players equal chances of winning.

The site also has a unique payment system that only accepts cryptocurrency dabbed EDG which is the only payment method used on the platform. The Edgeless casino also offers real-time help through its well-customized chat services where gamblers get feedback within the shortest time possible and email support which is equally fast in its response. In case of any doubts, contact the support and resolve your issue in the shortest period possible. We value our players and offer high-quality service that you will love.

Curacao Issued a License for the Blockchain Casino Without Verification

Gambling activities across many nations have been banned due to the negative effect the vice has on too many societies. The dynamic nature of these activities has made most countries eventually allow the operators to get the license. This made the Curacao government the first to issue a license to a blockchain no verification gambling site along with the latest NonStopCasino guide, ahead of great industry players like the UK and Gibraltar. This move shall greatly help the iconic site to penetrate the market effectively and benefit from a wide range of advantages including securing partnerships, meeting more affiliates and widen the media network.

All this, in a nutshell, puts the site at a good place for constructive competition. The rate at which gambling activities are growing could be a potential threat if they are not licensed as malpractices can easily hide in the industry. This is why this is a huge step towards developing the industry and enabling casinos to contribute to the overall progress of gambling, but implementing cryptocurrencies as well. The global market is changing and Edgeless is the first to lead towards innovative solutions and the future where players can have more options to indulge in their passion for playing. The Government of Curacao has made a significant step in helping the citizens take the step towards that and it is important to recognize the significance of this progress.


The traditional forms of money which are well known as fiat have a lot of disadvantages compared to the cryptocurrencies. They tend to be rigid as they greatly rely on prevailing exchange rates and other monetary factors. Even though this was the main payment method, including modern methods such as cryptocurrency is surely a way to offer the players greater privacy and bigger control. Fiat money is controlled by the governments, while cryptocurrencies are not.

As an innovation in the payment methods, the cryptocurrencies are becoming a better solution for many punters as transactions are solved with fewer delays experienced. Also, all the transactions are transparent and can be easily traced by the player making it more convenient in so many ways. Considering that Edgeless recognized the need for players to keep payments private and expand the overall options concerning payments, it gets clearer why it’s superior when compared to other casinos.

Players can see a Casino Bankroll on the smart contract, the jackpots, deposits, and withdrawals can be easily seen and tracked by the players. Listening closely to the needs our players have, has made a great difference. Edgeless meets the needs of the players, offers all the most popular games, provides extraordinary service and enables the players to get the chance to enjoy the most superior experience. All these factors put Edgeless in a better position compared to the other ordinary casino sites.

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