Top 5 list of the most expensive Darth Vader collectibles

6We bring you list of the most expensive Darth Vader collectibles

Darth Vader has managed to do something none of the Hollywood bad guys have done before. He became one of the most popular and respectful characters out there. He also has a huge amount of merchandise that still has a high value among fans who will, sometimes it feels, give just about everything to own something that’s Darth Vader-approved.

When I mentioned that his merchandise still holds a great value I wasn’t exaggerating at all and this list we put together will show you just what I mean. The high prices on these collectibles will, of course, mean nothing to the hard-core fans but for us others they seem a little pricey, but hey you can also be the judge of that! Here is the top 5 list of the most expensive Darth Vader collectibles you can buy right now!

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