Top 5 Players In The Eastern Conference In 2016/2017

Today, we are going to rank the best players in the Eastern Conference. We are not talking about how good these players have been during their careers, we are ranking them by judging how they are playing this season, how big of an impact they are having on their squad and their 2016/2017 stats.

5. Paul George, Indiana Pacers – Even though the Pacers had a slower start to the season, they are getting better and better as of late, and George’s elevated play has been the major reason for their rise. He can still show much better performances than he is right now and we are expecting him to do so.

4. Isaiah Thomas, Boston Celtics – C’s Point Guard has been one of the best players in the whole league so far. He is a scoring machine and is having a big impact for the Boston Celtics. After all, this man is leading the East in scoring.

3. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks – Greek Freak has shown why people in Milwaukee have big hopes for him. Giannis is a good all-around player that can defend, pass the ball or put the ball in the hole when he needs to. With improved offensive game that he is showing to us, he has earned this spot.

2. Jimmy Butler, Chicago Bulls – One of the best two-way players that NBA has to offer, Jimmy Butler has been spectacular for Chicago. He can lock up anyone on the defensive side of the ball while he can score against anybody. Butler has turned into the franchise player.

1. LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers – King James is still the King of the East. When a guy represents the East in six NBA Finals while he shows no signs of slowing down this year, you can’t put anybody above him on this list. James is till the best that East has to offer.