Western Conference All-Star Starters Revealed


First of all, Zaza Pachulia didn’t make it. Even though he was voted as the second by the fans, the media and the players didn’t give him votes, and it was more than enough for him not to take someone’s spot. Guys who deserve it the most are there. Well, kind of. Let’s see who made it.

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors – Still the fan favorite, Stephen Curry has had a decent season, but not better than Harden and Westbrook. But, fan voting was enough for him to push out Westbrook from the starting lineup. Two-time reigning MVP has just made his fourth All-Star game. He has been a starter in all of his appearances.


James Harden, Houston Rockets – Leading MVP Candidate James Harden was a lock to make it as he finished second in the fan voting when it comes to guards. Rockets are playing well, and Harden is leading the way. This is Harden’s fifth All-Star game selection, and all of them came with him being the member of the Houston Rockets.


Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors – Durant was the fan favorite when it comes to forwards while also being one of the best players in the league this season. No surprise here. He is now an eight-time NBA All-Star, for the first time with the Golden State Warriors.


Anthony Davis, New Orleans Pelicans – Looking at his current performance it is clear that he deserves this spot as one of the best in NBA. Even though the Pelicans don’t have a great year under their belt, Davis has been outstanding. This guy will be playing in his fourth All-Star game as he has made it in the last four years.


Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio Spurs – No Tim Duncan? No problem. The San Antonio Spurs are still cruising because Kawhi Leonard has been the perfect leader on and off the court for this team. After making his All-Star debut last season, this is Kawhi’s second year in a row as an All-Star. It’s safe to say that this won’t be his last start.