Top 5 Running Backs In The NFL

Running back position is not valued as much as it was in the past. But, if you have a good and versatile guy, we have seen what those teams are capable of. The Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers are just two examples of how dominant the backs can be. What about the rest of RBs in the game? We are going to rank them today.

5) MARSHAWN LYNCH, Oakland Raiders – Even though he was away from the game for a year, we are not going to forget what this man was capable of. He is going to come in ready and motivated more than ever probably. It’s still weird thinking about him as a Raider, but we are going to get used to it quickly.

4) DEVONTA FREEMAN, Atlanta Falcons – He had a monster season last year, following up on his breakout season in 2015. His running style can be described as “angry” which is all you need to know about Freeman’s ability to run over defenses.

3) DAVID JOHNSON, Arizona Cardinals – A back that can block, run out of the backfield and catch passes out of the backfield is something that is pretty valuable in the NFL. David Johnson is a prime example of all of that as he can hurt the opposing defenders in so many ways.

2) EZEKIEL ELLIOT, Dallas Cowboys – Running the ball is what the Cowboys always want to do so they drafted Elliot 4th overall in order to do that. It was a beautiful move as he led the league in rushing while also catching some passes out of the backfield and in the slot. Elliot will be a force to be reckoned with in 2017.

1) LE’VEON BELL, Pittsburgh Steelers – Nobody runs with as much patience as Le’Veon Bell. He waits for the hole, and then when the opening occurs, he runs hard and hits the window quickly. Catching the ball is also one of his qualities as he was the first running back to average at least 50 yards receiving while also running for over a 100 per game. Beast from the backfield.