Top 5 Things to Know Before Buying a Carpet Cleaner


A good quality carpet cleaner will make your carpets look new and clean. However, the task is acquiring the right carpet cleaner to do this good quality job for you. Depending on the size, weight, cost or cleaning intensity.


Carpet cleaners spray water and detergent on your carpet, scrub them clean and thereafter, suck water off the carpet back into the machine. It is advisable to vacuum clean your carpets before using a carpet cleaner to remove debris and dirt off your carpet as most carpet cleaners don’t do this for you.

Given how infrequently they use one in the home normally people choose to hire a carpet cleaning service, but below are the top 5 things to know before buying your own carpet cleaner.

1. Carpet Cleaners are Heavy


Carpet cleaner models are heavy, and even heavier when the water tank is full. Even the lightest, which most people prefer and go for, weighs around 12 pounds when empty and up to 20 pounds when the tank is full. Typically, you might want to consider a light carpet cleaner for your cleaning at home due to stairs and the work associated with carrying around the carpet cleaner and up the stairs.

2. Carpet Cleaners are Best Suited for Specific Carpets


It is important to check out the carpet manufacturer’s instructions before buying a carpet cleaner. Carpet cleaners are determined by the intensity of asking and the number of times one washes the carpet. Heavy carpet cleaners, with heavy-duty cleaning capacity, are best suited for carpets that stain easily or have the tendency to get dirty fast.

In addition, carpet manufacturers recommend their brand cleaning solutions. There are different types of cleaning solutions, ranging from standard cleaning solutions for routine carpet cleaning to spot stain removers for stubborn stains such as pet stains. Before butting a carpet cleaner, it is important to know the best type and the recommended type of carpet cleaner and carpet cleaning solution for your carpet.

3. They vary greatly in quality and accessories provided


The team from Expert Easy says you need to be careful before acquiring a cleaner. Some carpet cleaners have only one tank. This implies that dirty water mixes with clean water, and this can stain or ruin your carpet. More convenient carpet cleaners have two separate water tanks. They are made separately for dirty water and for clean water, and they allow for complete stainless cleaning of your carpets. Some carpet cleaners even premix the cleaning solution and water within the machines leaving the task of measuring water to solution ratios to the machine.

It is essential to check out for a carrying handle. A carrying handle makes it convenient for the movement of the cleaning machine during work. Another setting to look out for is the type of floor the carpet cleaner works best on. Some manufacturers claim that the carpet cleaners work on both hard floors and carpets. Be sure to check out. In addition, check out the during settings. Carpet cleaners with dry-only settings save a lot of time as they suck off the water as soon as they finish scrubbing, saving a lot of time.

Other factors to look out for are the crevice tool accessory for cleaning narrow spaces, tight corners and the back of stairs, and water heater capacity for effective carpet cleaning by keeping water warm. Also, check out for the handheld scrub brush, for cleaning stairs and other carpeted areas.

Finally, it is vital to check out the hose length. It is important to consider the location you intend to use your carpet cleaner on, for efficient hose length consideration. A longer hose is useful for ough to reach areas such as stairs. Carpet cleaners are heavy, thus a lengthy hose is needed to avoid carrying the cleaner up areas such as stairs.

4. Carpet Cleaners are Loud


Carpet cleaners emit a lot of noise in comparison to vacuum cleaners. With up to an average of 80 decibels, carpet cleaners are louder than vacuum cleaners, It is recommended that one should wear hearing protection especially when using the carpet cleaner for a prolonged period of time. Noise-canceling earbuds or headphones are recommended for loud carpet cleaner of over 85 decibels.

5. Carpet Cleaning Takes Time


The preparation of the cleaning area is more intense than with vacuum cleaners. In addition, the preparation of the cleaner itself is work. To prepare the cleaning area, one has to move the furniture and remove all obstacles and tiny objects from the carpet. Then, vacuuming is done to remove dirt, dirt, and other forms of stuff on the carpet. Thereafter, prepare the carpet cleaner’s washing solution and mix it with water.

Cleaning is usually the same as vacuuming. One does clean in the same motion as a vacuum cleaner, pushing in one direction, and then pulling back. To wash with water, one squeezes the trigger while pushing the arm length. For drying, one simply repeats the pulling pushing motion with the trigger released. It is recommended to repeat the procedure until the desired cleaning quality is achieved.

After cleaning is finished it is important to unplug the machine, empty the tank and clean it. One should clean thoroughly to remove any debris and brushes from the tank for storage and later use. This preserves the carpet cleaner in good shape for later use.

Before buying a carpet cleaner, it is important to know and understand different types of carpet cleaners, and the types of carpets they are best suited for. It is also important to know the type of carpet you own and the carpet manufacturers’ recommendation on the best type of carpet cleaners that are best suited for your carpet cleaning services. Be keen to check out the accessories that come with your carpet cleaner, and how they best suit your carpet. Be sure to check out the setting and weight of the cleaner to ensure it befits your wants.