How To Get Ready For Engagement Party


Getting ready for your engagement party can be very frustrating. This is because a lot of people will be dying to see how you look and how you behave during the party.

Engagement parties are all about having fun before the big night. They’re about going out with a bang and having one last blast, before finally tying the knot.


The process of getting ready involves a couple of things. First off, it’s safe to say that different cultures have different rules of engagement. Some involve meeting the parents, others get together and share the news before their friends, etc.

So debating the flow of the party is actually impossible if we take into account the last thing we mentioned.

However, we can safely say that you’ll need to do your makeup and dress before the party. So, this article will focus on that; your makeup and your attire for the party.

Stick around as you might find some of these things quite useful when your time comes.

1. Highlighting


Highlighting is all about…well…highlighting. A cosmetic you definitely need for your engagement party, a highlighter essentially reflects light whenever applied to our skin.

This cosmetic product is predominantly used for contouring, and it’s mostly applied to the face area or any other area that needs “brightening”.

A highlighter effectively creates the illusion of depth on the area of the body where it’s applied. It creates a strong perception of boldness and stunningness, and you will definitely want to add it to your party.

2. Individual Lashes


Individual lashes are extremely useful, very bold, and work excellent with any look.

The same says it all, individual lashes are lashes extensions that are applied to the edge of the eyes for a more romantic look. They’re a piece of cosmetic accessory that is a must-have unless you happened to have the perfect eyelashes.

However, if you don’t (welcome to the club) then you have to get some lashes. Luckily for you, you don’t have to go overboard as you have plenty of options to choose from.

You could go for a more natural look or go for a bolder look. You can choose the length of the lashes, the size, and the flair. When you buy lashes, you’ll mostly be buying a package of multiple combinations.

3. Eyeshadow


When it comes to using eyeshadow, a gal either has or must have a shade for herself. Eyeshadow is a piece of makeup that is applied above and around the eye.

Every bride will, naturally, have eyeshadow on as it gives a stunning look. But, what you’ll want is a shade that will give you a celebratory look; a shade that will give away a hint.

There are shades that work for formal events, and there are shades that work for informal. What you’ll want is to find some sort of balance between both, by finding your very own style for the occasion.

4. Mascara


We talked about individual lashes; now let’s talk about an alternative to doing your lashes.

Mascara, simply put, eliminates the need of having to buy lashes. However, this can be quite the understatement as you can never achieve the perfect look that some lashes give you.

If you happened to have slightly bigger lashes than the normal person, then mascara will do just fine. Mascara is essentially a cosmetics product that is applied to the eyelashes. This product gives the wearer a bolder look by strengthening the blackness of the eyelashes. This ultimately makes your lashes look much bigger, making you more attractive.

And, as always, mascara should be a product on your “to-do” list for your engagement part.

On another note, your mascara must be waterproof so it won’t get messy during an emotional speech from your man. As a matter of fact, you should be solely buying waterproof mascara as it offers you a lot more than a non-waterproof product. If you’re looking for the best waterproof mascara, then make sure to buy from Loreal Paris.

5. Lipstick


Arguably one of the most important elements of an engagement party makeup routine, lipstick will complement your entire look. When choosing the color, your options are plenty. But that doesn’t mean that every color will go nicely on you.

For example, some women have a special color that works no matter the event. On the other hand, some colors work specifically for such events, while others are terrible for it.

But on another note, the lipstick has to complement your look and serve as a 2nd vocal point for the night. The first will be you, of course.

This means that the lipstick should be strong and bold, but not too much so it won’t steal the spotlight.

How to Prepare For It?


We talked about the most important things you need for your preparation, now let’s talk about how to do it.

While we won’t get into actually how to apply each cosmetic, we’ll talk more about taking cues for your overall look.

For example, a lot of preplanning and preparation goes into throwing the best engagement party. That’s why soon-to-be brides take a look at the venue before actually doing their makeup.

This offers you a few things. For starters, it gives you the chance to sample the venue, sample the atmosphere, and the ambiance in which you’ll have to part.

Those that want to look extra special will create a type of makeup that will complement everything. If the theme is to go dark, then you’ll have to complement the theme, not go against it.

This rule goes for any other type of ambient.

Pulling off a great look for your engagement party will create a good start for your wedding. Engagement parties can be testing grounds for the big event, so trying on something different is recommended.

And while you’ll have endless makeup tries before the big night, actually taking the look for a test drive for your engagement party will fill you with confidence that you’ve never had before.