What Are The Top Challenges Faced by Online Education Today


Off late, people realized the benefit of online education. The demand for internet-based education rose with the pandemic outbreak. Do you know the terms such as online education, work from home? These are considered the ‘new normal. Also, there was a quick shift in the mode of instruction. Renowned schools and colleges have made a rapid move to web-based education.

Compared to traditional education, online education has more to offer. It is quite affordable and comes with greater flexibility. The ease is both for students and teachers, and much more. However, there are several issues with e-learning that demand addressing. It possesses unique qualities that can undermine old-school teaching.

The advantages are masked by the difficulty faced during the learning process. We are going to bring some issues that the students experience. You can also learn about the challenges of teachers in this post. We will figure out some solutions to overcome such challenges.

1. Boredom


Online education is intended to relieve you from boredom. Those are usually observed in classroom-based education in this highly digitalized world. But, that isn’t always the case. Numerous online courses are non-stop text. Some contain multiple-choice questions which fail to engage students.

Students frequently become bored with these types of courses. The failure to engage students is one of the challenges. As a result, Students discontinue their use of the platform. Moreover, they do not complete the entire course.


Choose an interactive way. It must be a vibrant, and enjoyable online course. You can also seek assistance from interactive e-learning resources. You can now find a number of such service providers. takeonlineclasshelp.com can offer a variety of interactive study materials.

2. Learning on screen


A screen is easily accessible. That is why many take to online mediums for learning purposes. But due to multiple distractions, learners can not keep track of what they are studying. There is a need to find an offline classroom for such students. An interactive platform where you have to be physically present can provide a more effective learning experience.


It is also amongst the primary reasons for students to drop it. If students don’t understand the way of learning a lesson, they cannot understand the subject.

They get over-determined and don’t have access to their teachers in the course. Therefore, an interactive learning solution must be provided to the students.

3. Prevalence of plagiarism


Plagiarism is another area that needs to be addressed. As more and more people are taking online courses, there is an increased possibility of students copying from the textbooks provided by the online platform. What we have done is to give an authentic look to the reader. For example, a few years back, Facebook’s logo was copied from the Microsoft logo. A similar thing is happening with plagiarism online.

We will work on improving these quality control measures. There are many restrictions regarding plagiarism in the West, but these rules do not work in India.


With internet access, students have ample resources. They can google and get the info they wish to get. But, sometimes, they take undue advantage of it by copying and pasting a different website’s content. Several tools detect plagiarized content. The simple way to avoid it is to frame your sentences. Do not copy and paste a single sentence from a different site.

4. Portability


Students in rural and remote areas often face barriers in accessing the online medium. They are forced to be physically present in a classroom. So if the online platform fails to provide the right location to the learner, it can be an issue. Lack of proper connectivity can be a challenge


The operators are now working even in remote areas to provide internet connection. The student pursuing online education must choose a stable internet or cellular operator for uninterrupted connectivity.

5. Language

If you have no idea on what is being said, the learning process is incomplete. Online medium is sometimes a barrier for people who are not comfortable with English.


We will aim to enable every learner to do learning from the language of their choice. Some tips to overcome the language barrier are as under:

  • You can join an online community in which you can communicate with people knowing different languages
  • Students may also look for translation services
  • Sometimes the visual aids can also solve your language problems
  • Be patient and try to understand in simple languages

6. Study tools


The online learning platform does not provide tools or study materials. So if a student forgets a topic, the course does not complete. This is a challenge that we want to work on.


If your school or college did not provide you with the online study tool, don’t worry. There is a list of potential learning tools you can use for free. Those are:

  • Go Conquer- Students can easily answer the quizzes, get a study planner, etc.
  • Grammarly- Through this tool, you can correct your grammar errors. Also, you can check your plagiarism.
  • Schooltraq- It is a beautiful online tool that help you keep track of your work

7. Ethical challenges


There are many challenges, from plagiarism to providing paid options for the courses. One should work on this as part of our goal of enhancing learning experiences.


Awareness of the ethical issues is the first step of resolving. To encourage a discussion of honest interactions, Macfarlane’s examination of the moral foundations of teaching and Sterrett’s three fundamental virtues of Responsibility, Authenticity, and Presence are presented.



Since online education is a trend today, no one can run away from it. If you are facing any of the challenges as mentioned above, take the solutions seriously. If you follow them it will become quite easy to deal with online learning methods. Also, you can get several expert pieces of advice on each challenge. You may even come across several other challenges while pursuing online education. Don’t worry, as there is a solution to all your issues. Just pick up the right resource.