Top Five Coaches In The NBA

You can’t win a championship in the NBA without a quality system in play and a great coach on the sidelines. There are some great coaches in the NBA, but we are going to count down the best that are in the NBA right now.

5) STAN VAN GUNDY, Detroit Pistons – He is not only a trainer for the Pistons but also a GM of this team. He is doing a fine job in Detriot while he is also known for his coaching in Orlando for the Magic. He even had a trip to the NBA Finals.

4) RICK CARLISLE, Dallas Mavericks – This Mavs team this year is not as talented and as good previous Dallas’ squads. That still doesn’t mean that Carlisle is not an elite trainer in the NBA. He is also a champion with this franchise, and he was one of the biggest parts in that Dallas’ championship picture in 2011.

3) BRAD STEVENS, Boston Celtics – He is the next young superstar coach in the NBA. Celtics have overachieved in the past couple of seasons, and Brad Stevens has shown that he is more than qualified for the job. He has passed all of his test with flying colors.

2) DOC RIVERS, Los Angeles Clippers – A leader of men and one of the best coaches in the NBA. Doc Rivers is a champion, a motivator, and a guy who knows what it takes to be the best in the NBA. His Clippers are rolling right now, and that is a proof of his greatness.

1) GREGG POPOVICH, San Antonio Spurs – There was never a doubt about who would top this list. A five-time NBA champion and extraordinary coach, Gregg Popovich is without a doubt still the best of the best in the NBA.