Wonder Woman – Release Date & News from the Set


A picture of the lead star of the movie Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, was posted on social media a few days ago by Saïd Taghmaoui. Previous to this photo, he stated that he plays a superhero in the movie, but the picture he posted tells something else. The image was of him and Gadot, and it was on his Instagram profile. Both of them are dressed in some military costumes from the period of World War II.

However, we can’t see much from the photo and find out something about the movie itself. Fans already had the opportunity to see Gadot’s costume, but that’s not the case with Taghmaoui. We can say this was a premiere of his character.

All Taghmaoui has said about his role in the film is that he is a superhero. However, what we can clearly see from the picture is that he’s not dressed like one. Judging by that costume, it is possible that he will be playing a soldier or something similar.

The photo has been online since he posted it for a while, but then he deleted it for reasons unknown to us. Maybe he didn’t want his role to be revealed in that way, and he had second thoughts about it. Luckily, a screenshot of the photo had been made by Flickering Myth before it was taken down.

Previous to this image, another one leaked online from the set. In the photo were Taghmaoui, Ewen Bremner, and Chris Pine, who are his fellow casts. Pine plays a character of Steve Trevor, a pilot in the US Army Air Corps. It might be that Taghmaoui also portrays one of the pilots in the movie since they were in the picture together.

Wonder Woman – Release Date

Nevertheless, all the details about Taghmaoui’s role have been kept a secret since the beginning. If not before, viewers will have the chance to find out whether he will be a superhero, a pilot or something else when the film hits cinemas in the US on June 2, 2017.