Top Tech Integration to Consider During a Home Remodel

A remodel is a chance to modernize and revitalize your home. You could integrate home automation at any time, but a remodel presents a convenient opportunity to make changes like installing new lights, sensors, security features, and heating and air elements that are all part of the Internet of Things (IoT). If controlling your home with a few clicks appeals to you, Home Improvement Leads has some sophisticated tech recommendations.


Even though the luxuries of home automation are pretty seductive, there’s no satisfaction quite like knowing you’re protecting your family and your property. The Arlo Wire-Free camera is part of a system that allows you to watch over both the interior and exterior of your home. While other brands require you to pay for video cloud storage, Arlo Wire-Free allows you to store and review seven days of footage for free—with the option to upgrade. It also sends you push alerts when motion is detected, but you have the ability to customize when you want to receive these (for example, only during the night).

While Arlo’s wireless status and free storage is unique among security cameras, you may find there are more perks to the Nest Cam if you already possess a Nest Thermostat and prefer to consolidate your automation into a single app.

Smart Thermostat

Speaking of Nest, the Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Generation) continues to lead the pack. One of its biggest advantages is in the name; it learns your routine and preferences and automatically adapts so that you don’t have to think about adjusting the thermostat when you get out of bed or leave the house. It also knows when you leave and come home. Additionally, it gives you reports on how much electricity you’re using in the home so that you can optimize for energy savings.

The strength of the Ecobee thermostat, on the other hand, is that it uses occupancy sensors in individual rooms in order to make the most frequently used rooms more comfortable—which saves energy in the meantime. The average home only needs two or three sensors, but if you own a huge house or are simply a fan of precision, the system can support up to 32.


You can wirelessly control and customize your lighting using the Phillips Hue wireless lighting system. Not only can you turn lights on and off via your device, but you can also adjust colors and intensity as well as setup a lighting schedule and “scenes” to function with your busy lifestyle. Meanwhile, Lutron Light Control offers wireless dominion over not only your light bulbs but over applicable blinds and shades as well.

Comprehensive Control

The Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home universal remote is a well-known name, but the Sevenhugs Smart Remote offers more ease of use. You can direct it at any device setup to work with it, and it uses localization technology to know which one you’re pointing at—as opposed to doing it through the process of selecting a device via buttons. It currently works with Nest, Sonos, and Phillips Hue, with more systems soon to come.

If you’re not sure where to start integrating home tech in the process of your remodel, consider consulting an electronic systems contractor rather than choosing products off the cuff.