Top Tips for Keeping Track of Your Vehicle in 2019

Car crime is on the rise and showing little sign of slowing down. National crime statistics for last year reveal that a staggering 113,000 vehicles were reported stolen. This was a considerable increase of around nine percent on the figures for 2018. To put this into context, it means that approximately every 5 minutes a car was reported stolen.

Whether you have a new car or something a little older, there is a good chance that you rely on it to get your family from A to B and to make sure you can get to your place of employment. You may even need your car as part of your job, so ensuring that it is as safe as possible is a must. Look at a few top tips for keeping track of your vehicle given by Fit My Tracker.

Car Trackers

If you haven’t looked at car trackers, then what are you waiting for? With technology becoming an increasingly important part of most people’s day to day life it stands to reason that using that same technology to keep track of your vehicle, and of course monitor your driving habits, is an efficient way of protecting your car. There is a fantastic selection of security devices available on the market at the moment with something to suit every vehicle and budget, so there really is no excuse when it comes to securing your vehicle.

GPS Trackers

When it comes to the type of car trackers that are available GPS trackers really do offer you one of the best options for keeping track of your vehicle in the event of a theft. GPS, or Global Positioning System, trackers are a portable device that can give great peace of mind to vehicle owners in monitoring and tracking the movements of their vehicles. Real-time GPS trackers can offer instantaneous data for both speed and location. 

There are other alternatives which are of course cheaper, and these also record this type of data as well but for later. It is even possible to set up some of the real-time devices to give you an alert when a driver speeds of moves out of a particular area. A GPS tracker can be linked to your mobile phone so that in the event of a theft, you will receive instant alerts. This will allow you to know immediately if your vehicle has been stolen so that you can alert the police. The data collected by your GPS tracker will then give the police an idea of where your vehicle is giving them a higher chance of recovering your car and apprehending the thief and therefore preventing them from stealing other cars.


Even if you do have a tracker fitted to your car, it is worth remembering that the highest percentage of vehicle thefts occur due to opportunity. It is never a good idea to leave valuables, for example, cash, sat navs or even your mobile phone in your vehicle. This can leave them more prone to being broken into and stolen. Of course, it goes without saying that you should never leave your car keys in your car, this really is an advert to a thief.

The other thing to take into consideration in terms of preventing the theft of your vehicle is to ensure that it is parked on your driveway where possible and not on the road. In addition, make sure it is not in a darker area, which makes it a much easier target for potential thieves.