8 Things To Know Before Towing A Trailer For The First Time

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Getting stuck on an empty road or traffic can be very bad. You could be making a delivery or moving somewhere else, and your RV would not move. It could be even more chaotic and problematic if you attempted to tow your RV alone because of the unavailability of equipment and knowledge. Your first move should be to browse an RV towing service near me and call for help as soon as possible. But when you are asked about the specifications of the vehicle, there would be questions that you might need help with.

To answer these questions, you need to know more about the things you must keep in mind. Read below to find out things you should know before towing a trailer for the first time.

8 Things You Should Know About Towing A Trailer For The First Time

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Towing a trailer is not an easy job, not to mention that if it were to get damaged somehow while towing, it would not be the responsibility of the towing company. You might also have to drive the trailer to lower the burden on the tires or prevent it from getting damaged. Whether it’s your first time or not, being careful of what you should know and what you can do to keep your trailer safe and have a good towing experience is always beneficial. Read below to find out the top 8 things you should know before towing a trailer.

● Weight Of The Trailer

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Knowing the weight of the trailer is very important. When asked about the weight, you should correctly calculate the weight from the weight of the body and tires to the weight of the material on your trailer. The more accurately you can tell the trailer’s weight, the more manageable the towing process will be. It’s fine if the trailer’s weight is a few kilos more or less, but it should never have an error of 10% or more.

● Towing Capacity

Before getting ready to put on chains and drive your vehicle to get it towed, you should always confirm its towing capacity. RV is a big vehicle, and various tires and other things contribute to its weight. To tow your RV, you could need more than one vehicle if you didn’t calculate the weight accurately.

● Properly Distribute The Weight On The Trailer

There are a number of goods that are placed inside a trailer. While you get it towed, the goods might fall out at a sharp turn or while towing the trailer. You should strap the goods tightly to ensure they do not get damaged and for other safety purposes. Also, as a trailer is a heavy vehicle, if the weight on the trailer is not correctly distributed, the wheels of the trailer can get hot and even burst where the weight is more.

● Tires Should Be Fully Filled

Deflated or punctured tires need special attention when the RV is being towed. The pressure of the whole vehicle being towed can result in the bursting of the tire if there is any puncture or they aren’t properly inflated. Also, if you have to drive the RV while towing with deflated tires, the whole vehicle could sway and cause damage to the exterior of the RV.

● Tail Lights Should Be On When Towing

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When a vehicle is being towed, the person driving the vehicle or from the front no one has a clear view of the backside. Especially at night when the view is not clear, having your tail lights on is a must. Most people have their front lights on but considering that not everyone is aware of the length of the vehicle, tail lights are important. Many vehicles being towed at night are at risk of accidents, particularly from behind. It is why turning on your lights helps in not only avoiding front accidents but accidents from behind as well.

● Check If You Need To Put On The Brakes

When the vehicle is towed and in the process of being transported, it can sway and hit another vehicle, wall, or person. It mostly happens when the weight of the RV is way more than the weight capacity of the towing vehicle. In this situation, there are better options than waiting for another vehicle or a different arrangement for towing your vehicle. In such a situation, you would mostly be asked to put on the brakes of your RV to prevent it from swaying.

● Properly Adjust The Mirrors

Adjusting your mirrors according to how your vehicle will be towed would determine if they will be damaged. RVs are mostly towed with the help of hitch balls and safety chains, so there would be no chance of the mirrors getting knocked off in the truck. But that doesn’t mean you can leave your mirrors as it is; you should adjust your mirrors such that you can have a full view of the behind of your vehicle. It is mostly done to avoid accidents or damage to the RV.

● Must Use Hitch Balls And Safety Chains


When towing an RV, hitch balls and safety chains are the most important things you need. A hitch ball is an attachment in the shape of a ball used to make turning smoother by providing a pivot point. Along with the hitch ball, safety chains are a good measure to secure your goods and the hitch ball. Safety chains are best for anything that you need to secure for towing the RV. Though you cannot tow an RV with just safety chains, you should not attempt to tow your own RV with just safety chains, as it will only waste your efforts.


There is a reason why towing companies exist: to tow your vehicle safely and successfully. Many people attempt to tow their vehicle with the basic tools they can find, and upon damaging it, they call the professionals. Especially for the first time, you should contact the nearest towing company and brief them on the situation and the weight of your vehicle. If you aren’t sure if the towing personnel can safely tow your vehicle, you should discuss the points mentioned above with them to solve your queries.