Toyota Tundra with 14,000 LEDs – A Perfect Car For Holiday Season

Holiday season has started, and many people usually decorate their homes and gardens with glowing lights and bright colors. Unlike many people, the crew from AV Tuning & Development did not make their house brighter, but instead, they decorated a 2006 Toyota Tundra.

At the beginning of the video you can see only two LED stripes and you might think that it is nothing special. There is one green stripe at the bottom, while the red stripe is at the top, but the real show starts once they turn on all of the lights. The Tundra is completely wrapped in multi-colored LEDs, and the crew used more than 14,000 lights to turn this Tundra into a perfect car for holiday season.

Moreover, they decided to add huge reindeer ears to the sides, two spiraling Christmas trees in the bed and one reindeer on the roof and guess what – these all glow as well. I just wonder how much time they spent on covering the Tundra with so many LEDs.

I bet every kid would like to ride in this vehicle, which looks amazing. Well, who are we kidding? Even adults would like to see how it is like inside. Hopefully, they have added larger batteries for all these lights as we know that even headlights will drain your battery after only a couple hours.