Tracked Stormtrooper JK Jeep is called “The Arctic Frog”!

The Rogue one enthusiasts probably caught this one, but if you managed to miss it, when about a month ago JK forums went off the hook about this video in which Star Wars Stormtroopers drove a white 2017 Jeep Wrangler Stormtrooper with tracks. Since this video was so epic, partially because of the Star Wars connection and partially because it was a custom Jeep riding on top of tracks instead of wheels, Autoevolution did some research and found out who’s it is and why was it built.

Apparently, a company named “Complete Customs” managed to finish this weird looking Jeep just in time for SEMA 2016. Its name is “Arctic Frog” and it comes from two things – first is Arctic, and that is why its color is white and second part is because it is supposed to raise the awareness for the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation. But this strange-looking Jeep isn’t the first one you could see wearing tracks instead of tires. If I recall you could also find one online that was put together from armored personnel carrier parts. But this one, though, sets itself apart from all the others thanks to its paint finish and the all-new parts that are on it.

The basis of this project is a 2016 Jeep Rubicon which got heavily modified by several great car specialists. The entire body of the vehicle has been powder coated in a durable white finish with a few accents ghosted in gray, and it looks amazing, especially since it is covered in Kryptek Yeti Camoliner. It is using a set of magnificent looking 150M1-A1-SA Mattracks instead of wheels, which are just some of the many great mods that can be found on this fantastic machine.

To make the tracks work a special suspension lift kit and the custom front end had to be designed and slapped on. But one thing that rounds all of this up nicely is the extensive Fab Fours custom body panels. The nose of the Jeep hosts an all-in-one grille and bumper with built-in light insert and logo plate, while the fenders are even more up to date with a fully customizable option that in this case allowed shark gills to be put on.

On top of it, we are getting the ViCowl, which is a lighting system integrated into the window frame, and that is not all as it has another set of lights built into the roof rack. From the video that is available on YouTube you can see that it has been lit from underneath as well which is a good thing because if you manage to get stuck with this one, you will be visible from miles away.

The CKFF (Chris Kyle Frog Foundation) is set up by Taya Kyle to honor her husband’s (“American Sniper” Chris Kyle) life and legacy of service. According to the foundation’s spokesperson, the Stormtrooper JK Jeep with Icon Vehicle Dynamics coilover suspension, a twin screw Sprintex Supercharger, Fab Fours body armor, I believe they’ve managed to do just that. Well done!

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