The Curse Of Oak Island Of Sticks And Stones Full Episode

The Curse Of Oak Island story continues as Lagina brothers are trying to solve the mystery and find the treasure. The crew is digging in the Money Pit, and again they do find few more clues suggesting that they are on the right path.

Did they find the gold this time around? Read on and find out.

If you didn’t watch the full episode, you should know that we are bringing few spoilers here.

This episode starts at the Money Pit where the crew is digging. Few pieces of wood that were found suggest that those might be the parts of massive platforms that original diggers made. Bad weather forces excavation team to stop their work which Lagina brothers are using to visit an old friend and show him the findings.

While Rick and Marty Lagina are waiting for results of analysis and continuation of the work on Money Pit, Rick brings in few more people to examine rock formation also known as Nolan’s Cross. Hopefully, stone masons that have arrived at the island could give more info about those strange rocks and point into the direction of new clues or even treasure. What they saw is quite interesting as it seems that one of the boulders definitely was tempered and touched by a human hand.

Finally, carbon dating results are in and according to those we have wood pieces dating from 1670 to 1780 while few other pieces date from 1655 to 1695. With this discovery, it is quite possible that some of those pieces were used to create large platforms in original Money Pit.

As the weather gets better, the crew continues to dig, and after few clay-rich extractions not much is getting out. This could mean that they reached another dead end. It is quite disappointing to see that there are no wood pieces of other platforms and even more disappointing not to see any pieces of treasure.

Another operation has to be stopped as they reached the bedrock. After few promising pieces, they managed to dig they reached yet another stop sign. As a result, Lagina Brothers decide to consult, and they are thinking about their options. Initially, Marty want’s to stop while Rick wants to continue. After three quite expensive digs and pretty much zero treasure found they do decide to go on and dig another and this one will be a decision of Lagina brothers. Rick suggest that they should take into consideration the fact that many years ago shaft collapsed and that treasure could be moved with sudden sea water burst, and the team decides to move a little bit for another dig site.

Everything is set for another dig, so the team continues the search for the treasure. Great setup and announcement for the special two-hour season finale which could bring us some answers.