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The confrontation of US and China economy is heating up. Market analysts and economists are scrambling to figure out what will come next. Perhaps, have bag and backpack manufacturer in Vietnam will be an alternative for low-cost manufacturing of bags.

  1. The confrontation US and China economy

If you have, or considering importing bags from China, maybe you should know this: the trade war between US and China economy is heating up. The US administration has fired an opening salvo of steep tariffs on low-cost and steel. President Donald Trump has also released a plan for a 25% tariff on 1,333 Chinese imports – worth about $50bn. Firing back, Beijing has had a plan, also worth about $50bn, to slap 25% levies on a range of US goods. In response to this, US is now considering yet another set of tariffs, covering another $100bn worth of imports from China.

Market analysts and Economists are scrambling to figure out what will come next. Perhaps, trendy bag and backpack factory in Vietnam will be an alternative for low-cost manufacturing of bags.

  1. The bag factory in Vietnam: Product Sourcing and Low-Cost Manufacturing Solutions, an alternative to sourcing ingredients in China

China has been known as the number 1 source for bag manufacturers in the US. However, confrontation between US and China, raises the issue of product sourcing and low cost manufacturing solutions. Sourcing Vietnam for product and low cost materials should be considered as an alternative to sourcing from China.

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2.1. Ancient Handicraft Culture drives the modern-day Bag Industry in Vietnam

The present bags industry in Vietnam has come from a rich cultural history of more than 3,000 handicraft villages across Vietnam. Handicraft artisans and the readily availability of natural materials like rattan, bamboo, seagrass, and water hyacinth have directly contributed to the development of the modern-day Bag Industry in Vietnam. People are employed for their technical skills and design in a variety of manufacturing processes such as sewing, weaving and embroidery.

Many trade organizations such as the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency and the Vietnam Handicraft Exporters Association (VIETCRAFT) also helped the development of this industry by heavily promoting these companies and qualified employees.

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2.2. Modernization and Sophistication of Bag Industry in Vietnam

In the 21st century, these factories in Vietnam have up-to-date and implemented current methods of production and assembly adopted from the cultural traditions of artisan technical mastery. The modernization of the industry started by employing sophisticated manufacturing processes to produce efficiencies with keeping costs low to create extra benefits.

To compete with many international bag companies, backpack supplier in Vietnam used various parts, processes and modern bag making materials such as high-quality nylon, leather, canvas, swivel wheels, bulletproof materials and so on.

Many famous brands of China like Adidas, Nike, Prada, and Simone also choose the Vietnam as a viable alternative for their facilities. And a few more popular and trendy fashion labels such as Michael, Kors, DKNY, Kate Spade and Burberry are considering this country as their alternative to China.

  1. Competitive Advantages in the Bag Industry of Vietnam

There are many benefits when choosing Vietnam bags factory that you should consider:

– Very flexible in technical skills capability and creative design.

– Plant based materials grown locally and available by demand

– Large craft villages with many handicraft artisans that you can employ with a low salary.

– Bags made in Vietnam highlight a higher level of craftsmanship

– Small orders (MOQ) accepted without charging additional costs

– Modern and sophistication bag production and assembly at low cost

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