Trevor Noah’s Hilarious Take on Gambling


One of the most important and popular sports events of the year is the Super Bowl. It is an annual championship game of the National Football League played between mid-January and early February. It is also the culmination of a regular season that begins in the late summer of the previous year. Super Bowl is not only famous and popular for the football game, but for the spectacular shows as well. Every year it does not disappoint the audience with the great shows with some of the leading artists performing on the stage.

2020 has been one of the most discussed Super Bowl shows ever. It has been the most eye-catching shows so far, with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez performing together, with some great show elements, being revealed on the stage of the Super Bowl.

Not only the Super Bowl 2024 is memorable for the show and great game, but also for the gambling-related theme. This year has been very exclusive for the whole United States. Sports betting has now been legalized in more than 20 states of the United States. This indeed has become one of the most discussed subjects of the year.

Famous comedian Trevor Noah also touched the topic on his show, stating that the Super Bowl has become the event where literally everything is possible, as Americans have the chance to spend their last saving on literally everything, including betting on the J Lo’s butt cleavage.

No more limits

New Jersey is one of the states that has been trying hard to legalize sports betting. At the beginning of the previous year, it was still unimaginable to have sports gambling legalized in almost the whole country, but you never know what is coming up next.

Trevor Noah has been joking on the topic, but we all know that this is far away from being a joke and is more relevant to reality. Betting can always be fun, especially for the ones who love sports. Though the Super Bowl is now not only the place to place bets on the football players but on anything that comes to your mind, so you can get as creative as possible and still take pleasure from all the betting process that is now officially legal within the states.

The heart of the joke

The main idea behind Trevor’s joke about gambling in the US is not whether it should be legal or illegal. It’s mostly about how ridiculous it becomes during the SuperBowl.

Trevor makes fun of the betting options mostly. These can get a bit crazy. The things one can bet one, include but are not limited to:

  • The length of the anthem
  • Will one of the performers go naked?
  • Will there be butt cleavage?
  • Is somebody going to fall
  • Is somebody going to twerk?

It’s weird, right? Where are all the sports betting options? I guess nobody really cares about the game as much as they care about Shakira’s butt cleavage,  which seemed to be a correct guess for this year’s SuperBowl.

Now, this is extremely hard to process for somebody like Trevor Noah. The guy’s from South Africa, where a single mention of gambling can get you behind bars. Trevor’s used to seeing people sneak onto online roulette games companies like this one, that were trying to hide under clever disguises. Gambling in South Africa is all about speed. The faster you bet and see your result the better because staying online too long is a huge risk.

Seeing people bet on butt cleavage is something Trevor would never even imagine being an option, which makes his reaction and breakdown of the situation even more hilarious.

Back to the story

Anyway, the legalization process brought some drastic changes to the country. New Jersey has been one of the states that have legalized sports betting, while the closest neighbor the New York has not. Can you imagine the rapid flow of people going to New Jersey from New York just to place some bets?

People have seen trying to bet from outside of New Jersey, but due to the development of technologies and the smartphones that we have, it is possible to find out the true location of the person who tries to place the bet, and imagine or not, it is impossible to trick the phone, though it is possible to go to New Jersey by train, place your bet and then travel back.

The number of train tickets to New Jersey should have at least tripled, as this is the fastest option to get to the state. But, the funny thing is that you do not even need to leave the train. It can be as simple as placing your bet on the way to New Jersey while sitting on the train, and then just switching the train and going back to New York. This sounds ridiculous, but people have already done this.

Strangest bets

The legalization of sports betting in over 20 states in the US, has brought several types of reactions. There are some people who are very happy about it and have been fighting for it to happen, and there is another part of people, who now find New Jersey not only a useless state but a hazardous state as well. The whole thing started from that state and some people do not feel happy about it at all.

Sports betting is one more option of how to spend your savings and how to spend money on totally useless and nonsense staff. This can be told through the revenue growth expectations as well.

Some of the most hilarious bets that have been made during the Super Bowl, were mentioned in Trevor Noah’s monologue. Those were how many times will Trump tweet during the show, will J Lo and Shakira twerk during the performance, will any of the players be arrested after the game in Miami. Yes, all of this is very much true, and despite Trevor is joking you can feel the sadness on his face.

It is said that according to the legalization process, New Jersey might even overcome Nevada in the sports betting revenue. And this can actually come up to be true, especially considering the train tickets sold to the people traveling to New Jersey just place a bet. But, doubtfully enough it is highly unexpected that anyone will stay in the state for more than 15 minutes unless of course the train is postponed and they have to wait at the station.

Super Bowl 54 has always been the most spectacular and long-awaited event of the year, after the New Year, and from now on, together with being the best event show and the most important sports event of the year, it will also be the creative marathon for the betting options.