Troublemaker Ezekiel Elliott’s problems off the field might cost him his career according to Skip Bayless!


Well, the controversial Dallas Cowboys superstar Ezekiel Elliott is at it again and this time he is caught, nothing less than, exposing a woman’s breast to a large crowd during a St. Patrick’s Day party in Dallas that happened over the past weekend. TMZ reported that Elliott’s people stated that the woman “wasn’t upset” but later on you could clearly see her pushing away his hand when he attempted to do the same thing for the second time.

As you already know, this is not the first incident that happened off the pitch, that was made by this 2016 Superstar All-Pro running back. Apparently, the Tuesday’s episode of Undisputed was kind of interesting when Ezekiel is considered. If you caught it, you could see that Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless both agreed that Ezekiel might suffer a lot in the long term if his behavior remains the same (or in the worst case takes a turn for the worse).

Here are some of the comments on the St. Patrick’s Day problem and on Ezekiel’s behavior in general.


Shannon Sharpe stated that this behavior is unacceptable from anyone and added “Now when I first saw this video, I just saw the first part. I saw him expose the lady’s breast. And then TMZ later came along and showed the second part… No woman should ever be subjected to this type of behavior, regardless of the setting, regardless of the environment, regardless if you’ve been drinking or not… We know what normally happens during St. Patrick’s Day, that’s one of the occasions that a lot of people like to drink. I’m not going to excuse Ezekiel’s behavior.”

He also stated that Elliott will always be a burden to his coaches and when asked why she said “…Because there’s always the potential, the possibility or probability that you’re going to get a phone call. You hope it’s nothing serious, but somehow, some way … trouble, incidents seem to follow this young man around, and we’ve seen it over and over.”

Sharp went on by saying that Elliott cannot put himself in these situations and that “He has to act differently. He’s not normal. Because guess what, Skip… Do I believe that Ezekiel Elliott – and I’m not excusing what he did – do I believe he was the only one male that probably exposed a female’s breast? No. But he’s the only one named “Ezekiel Elliott.” And therein lies the rub.”


Sharp also shared something that his grandfather used to say “My grandpa used to tell my brother “short-term actions have long-term and lasting consequences.” He tied that to the fact that Ezekiel might easily get sued for what he did saying “Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, she sees that video. “That’s Ezekiel Elliott. He’s got $24 million guaranteed. Let me get a lawyer and see what they say”. What if a lawyer comes to her? What if her girlfriends, what if her parents see that? Now what?”.

Sharp also warned that there are too many red flags with Zeke and added “This is what I don’t get about this young man – he still has a pending investigation into a domestic allegation about him and his ex-girlfriend. We also had an incident about a month ago; the report came out that a friend of his was trying to get into a club with a firearm… He doesn’t get it, Skip, and I hope nothing serious happens to him before he gets the message. Because he’s getting warnings, but he’s not adhering to them… there are too many red flags. I’m starting to believe this is not being young and naive. This is being who he is”.

Skip also had a few things to say regarding Elliott, and he tied to Sharp’s story saying “He’s always on the edge of trouble, if not in trouble. You said “trouble follows him” no, he seeks it. Unwittingly, maybe, but he just seeks it, because he constantly puts himself in harm’s way. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong situation… The behavior is inexcusable given what’s hanging over his head, ongoing. It comes across to me like he’s daring the NFL to suspend him. It comes across like he’s continuing to dare the devil in every situation he throws himself into. It’s time and time again that I have to sit back and ask myself “what were you thinking?” Well, he wasn’t.”

In the end, Sharp gave a piece of fatherly advice to Elliot saying he has to change the way he does business or “this isn’t going to end well” and “Your actions are unacceptable, and you’re heading down a path that you don’t want to head down. This is on your resume. Now, how high up it continuously moves is going to be up to you… You’re not the first great player to come into the National Football League; you won’t be the last”.