Truckstarossa – a Toyota pickup that has a Ferrari complex!

As we all know and are all aware Ferrari, despite Lamborghini, Maserati and Aston Martin got in the SUV game, still refuses to walk that road and remains on the sideline, making what they know best – exotic sports cars. But what will you, as a truck loving fanatic, going to do when the Italian stallion doesn’t oblige? Well, you go and make something like what we have on the pictures here!

Apparently one of those pickup-Ferrari-fanatics decided he/she will not wait anymore and decided to cook up something of his own probably in his/hers garage. The Ferrari looking thing you see in the pictures has been spotted in Florida, and it is a 1980s pickup truck that’s been re-bodied to emulate a Testarossa of the same era, and it came into our sights after it has been shared via Reddit and Imgur.

If you take a closer look at the images we provided, you can see that the owner went an extra mile with the small details such as Testarossa badge on the tailgate, along with a whole bunch of prancing horse badges. The owner decided to slap a Pirelli tires on the five-spoke modular alloys, together with Pininfarina badges on the quarter panels. What the owner “overlooked” are the side strakes and actual vents that are fitted to the rear fenders, but since this an 80s pickup we really don’t see how would they helped even if they are on.

Now for the base of this red little Ferrari wannabe. It is really hard (for those without experience) to see what exact pickup was used as a base for this build, but beneath all that red color and what seems to be a very nicely done fiberglass body, this is the Toyota Pickup from the late-1980s. If you did not know that is what the Toyota called the Hilux in America before the Tacoma came along (yes exactly like the on that Marty McFly drove in a movie “Back to the Future”).

What is even more interesting is the fact that this isn’t the first pickup with a Ferrari compound. If you remember Lamborghini also did a Ferrari looking pickup called the LM002 which is very challenging to find these days, and even if you did, it is not cheap to buy, and it isn’t cheap to run as well.

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