Melania Trump – Road To Becoming The First Lady

Melania Trump was born in Slovenia, a small state in the Balkans that used to be a part of the former Yugoslavia. At the age of 16, Melania entered modeling, and she already clinched her first contract two years later. It was hard for her in Slovenia, and she became determined to move to the USA and become a legal citizen, but before she reached New York City in 1996, she worked for a few fashion houses in Italy and France.

In New York, Melania appeared at several big fashion shows, and Mr. Donald Trump spotted her in September 1998 for the first time. She had her ups and downs with Donald Trump, but they were guests on the Howard Stern Show and The Apprentice, and at that point, Melania was on the cover of GQ magazine. For your information, she was even a swimsuit model – a successful one.

The happy couple was doing all right, and because of his and her business successes and their families’ values, they were leading a lavish lifestyle. However, at first, Melania refused to give Donald her number because even though he was separated from Marla Maples, he was still married in the eyes of the public. That didn’t stop Donald Trump, and in 2004, they got engaged, starting off the New Year with a massive wedding celebration.

The Trump family moves in elite circles, and some of the famous people that attended the wedding ceremony are Rudy Giuliani, P. Diddy, Barbara Walters, Heidi Klum, Shaquille O’Neal and many other celebrities. When they married, Donald Trump was 58 while Melania was only 34. Their wedding was spectacular indeed, and she wore a $200,000 gown made by John Galliano, while the weight of their wedding cake was 50 pounds.

The couple kept appearing at awards shows and media events in order to promote The Apprentice. Two years after the wedding, their son named Barron William Trump was born, and an interesting fact is that Donald picked boy’s first name, while his wife chose the middle one.

Even though media have never liked the now presidential couple, both Trump and Melania have always had something to say to their fans and address the media. Moreover, they were always ready to pose for the camera on the red carpet, and before Trump became a president, he used to speak at various events and gatherings.

It is hard for the Trump family to spend some quality time together, but they do go to one of Donald’s amazing resorts now and then. Donald Trump decided to run for president in November 2015 and Melania was always supportive, and she was always there for him. She was happy to see her husband in a presidential race, and she declared: “I encouraged him because I know what he will do and what he can do for America. He loves the American people, and he wants to help them.”

Mr. Trump has been under media attack constantly, but that didn’t stop Melania from supporting her beloved husband and staying by his side. One thing is for sure – Nobody believed that a girl from a small town in Slovenia could grow up to become the First Lady. What is admiring is that she did it honestly and legally and she fought for better life.

She is the second foreign-born woman to be in this position, and the first one was Louisa Adams, the wife of John Quincy Adams. Melania Trump was asked by The New York Times back in 1999 what here role would be if Donald Trump decided to run for president and eventually become one and she replied: “I would be very traditional. Like Betty Ford or Jackie Kennedy.”

We have yet to watch the First Lady in action as she promises to fight cyberbullying among children especially and she quit the social media herself thus setting an example, with the reason for such a move being the “negativity” that surrounds social networks. This month, her country Slovenia introduced “First Lady” wine that is made in the region near her hometown.