Twin grannies celebrate their 100th birthday and it’s beautiful!(photos)

We were left breathless when we saw albino twins from Brazil celebrating their 100th birthday together. Maria and Paulina Pignaton are twins who recently celebrated their 100th birthday. That beautiful event was made even better with a set of magnificent photos. In those images, they transformed to little girls and reenacted parts of their childhood. This was surely one hell of a trip down the memory lane for them. Let’s take a closer look!

Sincere smiles on their faces just witness that they had a lot of fun while Camilla Lima snapped a series of photos. There is no doubt that Lima did one hell of a job.

The two of them posed in colorful skirts and flower laurels on their heads.
‘I have never met anyone who is 100 years old and especially not twins who are 100 years old. I contacted their family and offered to be their photographer for the birthday. That was my gift to them. They dolled up and came to city for the photo session.’ Lima said.

Both of them achieved the most important thing in life, and that is a huge family. Paulina gave birth to 6 children while Maria gave birth to 5. What a happy bunch won’t you say?

Ladies, we wish you a very happy birthday!